i pod touch music files to laptop

  nobbyhigo 13:07 05 Dec 2010

my daughters i touch ,gen3 music files / cd that she has need to go back onto her laptop Thing is all her cds have been stolen so she only has them on i touch . How can i transfer to a folder on laptop to safeguard them and start again to sort in some order thanks

  bremner 13:15 05 Dec 2010
  gengiscant 13:49 05 Dec 2010

Your daughters ipod must be synced with itunes on a pc already, is this not correct?
Or has the PC been stolen as well.

I use this to backup my ipod touch, costs about £12 quid but very simple to use.click here

  nobbyhigo 13:56 05 Dec 2010

no laptop is still with us and synced to i tunes

  john bunyan 15:19 05 Dec 2010

I pod touch should reverse synch using its own software - if you buy a tune via another PC it should automatically put it on your PC's library when you plug it in. . Also if the music is on the PC then the loss of the CD's is no big deal. I would back up iTunes on an external USB HD so you will have a copy on the iPod, a source copy on the PC and a back up on the USB HD. I Pod classics are a little different and more difficult to reverse synch.
I assume you have updated the iPod software.

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