i pod shuffler

  Rhuddlan 23:15 17 Jan 2005

Hi everyone, today I got my i pod shuffler, it's great and have used it for most of the day, it's happily charging at the mo, so while I wait for it to finish, just a few questions: -

* Is there any way I can copy music files from WMP 10 directly to the i pod???

* I tried to convert all WMP files from my library to the i tunes library, but half way throug a message appeared saying that their was a error due to certain files not being able to be copied to AAC or ACC (can't remember what extension it was, sorry) but all my files in WMP 10 library are the same extension, so anyone have any idea what happened there???

Well, I can only think of the two questions at the mo,
anyone have any views/opinions on the i pod shuffle???

Thanks for any replies in advance, Rhuddlan

  TomJerry 23:24 17 Jan 2005

just a guess

  Rhuddlan 16:17 18 Jan 2005

When I connect the i pod to a usb port on the computer, it doesn't begin to charge staright away, no orange light appears to indicate that it's charging. I then take it out and put it back in again and the orange light appears, sometimes force is required to get the orange light to come on, I'm a bit worried that I might damage the i pod and the computer, anyone have any ideas???

  recap 16:21 18 Jan 2005

Always try using the first USB port when connecting the iPod.

I take it that you have configured the iPod for the Windows environment and not for the iMac?

  Rhuddlan 16:28 18 Jan 2005

Hi Recap, soz but I'm not that technical, what do u mean the first USB port???

And what do u mean configue???

Sorry to be a pain

  Rhuddlan 16:38 18 Jan 2005

I am going out of the house from 5 until 7, would it be safe to leave the i pod to charge i the computer while Im out???

  Rhuddlan 19:52 18 Jan 2005

Just had a look in device manager and it says that the i pod doesn't have any drivers installed, but I installed the drivers from the cd rom that came with it, so I don't know why it's saying that, any ideas???

  recap 08:56 19 Jan 2005

USB port, if you look closely you can see a number alongside each port, normally if the ports are at the back, the first is to the left.

By your last posting it sounds like it is configured for Windows.

If the device manager is saying there are no drivers unistall the device and try installing it again.

  Lokit 09:04 19 Jan 2005

Just a thought!

If you uninstall all of Apple's software - reboot and plug your ipod into a spare USB port - is the ipod recognised as a mass storage device?

The reason I ask is that it is possible that the ipod hard drive may need formatting in the windows platform.

Don't know much about Mac but it could be that the ipod is Mac formatted.

  Rhuddlan 10:17 19 Jan 2005

Hi there, when I first plugged the i pod in it did say mass storeage device. Just noticed now, their seems to be a slight delay in the computer telling me that the device is connected, I connected the device this morning and about 2 minutes later the hardware connected sound made it;s little noise and a bubble appeared in the takbar saying this device can perform faster on USB 2.0 but I haven't got that, it's quite a pain at the mo, I have a packard bell and two usb ports on the front of the compm but the i pod can't fit into them, at the back are another two, my printer has to be taken out of the comp now every time I want to charge or update the i pod, can anyone help. It seems to be working ok overall, so is there any point in reinstalling the software???

  recap 08:46 20 Jan 2005

I do believe that the iPod can be connected either by USB 2.0 or Firewire. You could fit either card into your computer, this would then give you faster transfer rates.

A USB 2.0 card can be bought for around £15 click here for more details.

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