I only want to print 3 or 4 labels

  kjrider 18:45 08 Nov 2010

In Open Office/MS Office I can only print off one label or a whole sheet.

Is it possible to set the number of labels that I want to print off - ie 3 or 4- so that I don't have to waste a whole sheet?

Alternatively is there a nice free label printing program?



  wiz-king 19:01 08 Nov 2010

Use a table in Word or some other word processing package and buy some A4 sheets of lables. Keep puting the same sheet in but use a different cell in the table.

  hastelloy 19:25 08 Nov 2010

In MS Word, select Mailings, labels. Click on Options and select label size, then select New Document. You can then type address(es) into any cell to correspond with the position of labels on the sheet.

  RGB76 19:45 08 Nov 2010

You can get the free version of Design Pro 5 Labeller at click here and have all their templates which fit most of the cheap labels that are around the shops and of course their own brand.


  BT 08:20 09 Nov 2010

click here

The free/trial version is perfectly useable, but its worth the $19.95 for the full version for the extra add ins.

You can print any number of labels from 1 to a full sheet, and you can choose which positions on the sheet to use. The only restriction is that it can only print one design at a time.

The Personal Mailing List program will print multiple different labels if that is what you want.

  brambles 11:08 09 Nov 2010

kjrider recommend you go to this Avery UK site and download the free software

click here

  mgmcc 11:20 09 Nov 2010

>>> ...so that I don't have to waste a whole sheet?

Tip: If only printing a couple of labels, use labels from the *bottom* of the sheet. That way, the sheet can be fed through the printer again and not wasted.

  brambles 18:15 09 Nov 2010

kjrider - I fully understand what you want to do and with Avery you can.

If you have MS Office then open a word document.

Click on the Mailings tab - select Labels
Click on Label Vendors drop down list pick Avery A4/A5
Click on Product Number of the label type
Click OK
Click New Document
You will have a blank template for the type of label you have selected.
Type what you want in any two labels and print.


  TonyV 18:46 09 Nov 2010

It is also very easy to print labels in OpenOffice3.2.1. If you go to File/new/labels and follow the details there, you can actually tell it which label in a sheet to print. I generally use a sheet with 3 across and 7 down. It will ask me whic column and which row to print the label. No waste there!!


  kjrider 18:54 09 Nov 2010

Thanks for all the ideas - I will be trying them.

Basically, what I am doing is trying to print out labels for my Ebay items.

At present, I cut and paste the address into MS Word or Office, edit the fond and make three copies that I print out on a plain A4 sheet. I then have to stick it onto a parcel with sellotape. I have got plenty of sticky labels to use, but, unless I fiddle around a bit, I can only print out one label or a whole sheet.

Still, will try out the ideas.


  audeal 11:08 10 Nov 2010


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