I only want to back up !! Confused Now.

  giantsquid 23:46 08 Jul 2003

Am I getting too deep here ? I have two computers networked at home, one has ME, and the other XP, I simply want to back up my data from time to time
so as not to lose my stuff (which differs on both my machines) reading the post's on here I hear names like Partitionmagic, Acronis, and more, but what is the difference between these utilities ? and what is the reason to partition anyway ?
I would just like to burn all the contents of one of my hard drives to cd, or dvd, and archive it should the system or HD go down the pan ? am I being unreasonable to think that it should be that simple, but the more I read the websites of these applications the more mixed up I am becoming, of course I want to be safe not sorry but I only want to back up the contents of my computer not change the world, thanks to all that contribute,

  Forum Editor 23:54 08 Jul 2003

is simply another way of saying 'make a copy', and once you look at it in this light it it suddenly much easier.

What I say is based on the fact that you said you wanted to back up your data files, and to do this you simply copy them to a CD. You can store them in an archive on a separate hard drive partition if you like - but remember that the reason you want to back up in the first place is so that you don't lose the data in the event of a drive failure. To do that effectively the back up must be on removeable media.

I use ZIP drives with automatic back up software by Iomega to do my office back ups. The software watches specified files and/or folders for any changes and when it spots that you've saved a new file, or altered an existing one it backs it up - automatically as you work.

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