I is obviously h'ignorant - what is a trojan?

  sailorgirl2 02:56 14 Apr 2003

I've got Norton and when I get Broadband I'm going to add Mcafees's Firewall - is this okay? Also I have a shortcut and task bar icon for something that isn't actually installed but I can't get rid of it - mp3 icon - any ideas how to shift it?

  MAJ 08:54 14 Apr 2003

A Trojan or Trojan Horse is a small program or piece of code which is loaded on to your PC pretending to be something innocent like a small program, music or video file, that's why the P2P programs like Kazaa, iMesh and the like are so dangerous. When this Trojan is on your PC it can send info about you, your passwords and other information you would like to keep secret, to a third party. It can also allow that third party to gain access to your PC. It is named after the Wooden Horse which was supposed to be a gift from the Greeks to the Trojans, but in fact was a way for the Greeks to enter Troy hidden in the belly of the wooden horse (if my memory of that day in school is correct).

If the shortcut is appearing on your taskbar, then check your Startup folder and also msconfig and make sure there's nothing in there, to do with this shortcut, starting at bootup. To get to msconfig, go to Start > Run and type msconfig, click OK and go to the Startup tab, untick any mention of the shortcut from there. If you can't get rid of the desktop shortcut by right clicking on it and choosing Delete, then try to delete it from Safe Mode.

  graham 10:41 14 Apr 2003

Troy, of course, is in Spain.

  watchful 11:00 14 Apr 2003

Hence the phrase..'Beware Greeks bearing gifts.'

  spikeychris 11:12 14 Apr 2003

Trojan horse walks into a bar, landlord says "why the long face"....mmmm sorry..

  Belatucadrus 12:23 14 Apr 2003

graham I think you've moved Troy, last time I looked it was in Turkey.

  MAJ 12:29 14 Apr 2003

I thought he was in Stingray, created an awful Tempest he did. ;-)

  spikeychris 12:33 14 Apr 2003

Tempest in Turkey is about 30 degrees I think

  graham 12:55 14 Apr 2003

That's right, Turkey in Spain.

  Belatucadrus 13:30 14 Apr 2003

click here we're both wrong it's in America, seems the Greeks got there before Columbus.

  Simsy 13:57 14 Apr 2003

is a "city" about 15 miles northwest of Detroit, Michigan, USA.

It's slogan it "City of tomorrow... Today"



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