I need your valued knowledge..

  cadx 18:45 21 Jun 2009

I am going to purchase a new printer and I am undecided on which to buy, I know many of you have had the experience in dealing with all equipment concerning computers therefore would like you to give me a couple of choices as I know your not keen on displaying your preferences.
I want a printer thats quiet, prints good photographs and copies and that the cartridges are not too expensive. I am 62 and I would like to be able to just know what to buy without pondering at the store, thank you.

  woodchip 18:58 21 Jun 2009

Then you need a all-in-one Printer-scanner. My prefs are Epson, Other will say there choice but Carts can be had cheap if you use compatibles click here
check reviews. you may want a better one.

  woodchip 19:02 21 Jun 2009

Compats first then Original Epson click here

  cadx 19:29 21 Jun 2009

Compatible with: Epson Stylus D120 - Epson Stylus D92 - Epson Stylus DX4050 - Epson Stylus DX4400 - Epson Stylus DX4450 - Epson Stylus DX5000 - Epson Stylus DX6000 - Epson Stylus DX6050 - Epson Stylus DX7000F - Epson Stylus DX7400 - Epson Stylus DX7450 - Epson Stylus DX8400 - Epson Stylus DX8450 - Epson Stylus DX9400(F) - Epson Stylus S20 - Epson Stylus SX200 - Epson Stylus SX405 - Epson Stylus SX600FW -

well...so many different sorts, could you direct me please woodchip, thank you.

  DieSse 20:04 21 Jun 2009

You choose your printer first - then look for the appropriate cartridges.

Epson printers don't come much cheaper than this

click here

Personally I prefer HP printers . more expensive cartridges but they tend to last much longer (no cleaning cycles to waste ink).

click here for the lowest priced HP.

  cadx 20:28 21 Jun 2009

I know you choose your printer first but as there was so many different ones thought he could advise me on a couple, the one you linked me t DieSse is slow and noisy...sorry...but I want to make sure that am getting a good Printer, even paying a little more.

  DieSse 20:43 21 Jun 2009

If you want a personal recommendation, I use an HP Officejet J4580. It's excellent, quiet, and produces great prints.

If I was choosing today I would probably go for this

click here

as I don't much use the faxing or multi-sheet feeder on the J4580.

  chub_tor 20:59 21 Jun 2009

click here will give you reviews of the most popular printers. Personally I like Canon now, I was an Epson fan but I really like the separate print head on the Canon and the really cheap compatible cartridges. I have the MP610 multi function, now superseded by the 620. Scanner, Copier, Printer, Card ports and will print direct from most cameras.

  cadx 21:00 21 Jun 2009

the second link of a printer is very impressive I must say and I think I have made my decision, thank you both very much for your help in helping me to decide.

  cadx 21:02 21 Jun 2009

will check your printer out too chub_tor, thank you.

  cadx 21:05 21 Jun 2009

I have decided on the printer from dieSse as the papers are hidden and not on display to get dusty as my original printer...thank you all.

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