i need to update my power supply,please advise me

  habs2habs 00:00 02 Dec 2007

hi everyone

please i need your help.

I have
-amd 3400+
asus k8v se deluxe motherboard
2600XT 256 mb ati (sapphire) graphic card .agp.
1.5 ddr ram
2 optical drives(dvd rom,dvd writer)
floppy disk
3 internal hard disks
4 small fans for 2 hard disks
2. 80 mm case fans
1 extractor fan put opposite the fan of the graphic card to extract the heat straight out from the case.
I have 400watts power supply,from ebuyer brands.

I can hear the fan of the graphic card,going faster than slowerthan faster etccc.It looks it is not getting enough power from this power supply.

I went to co many web sites trying to buy another power supply with about 500 watts at least,many of them saying they are (sli or crossfire model).

I don't need this.

-If i buy any one of these model will it work on my pc?
-Which power supply do you recommend me to buy,about £60.00 maximum,i am playing a lot of games,so please i need good power supply?.

Games such as:call of duty1,2,unreal tournament 2003,2004,pariah,command and conquer renegade,rogue trooper,panzer elite action.

I hope to hear from you very soon,please

thank you in advance

  mrwoowoo 02:31 02 Dec 2007

I believe you need an atx power supply.
If so these are suitable from novatech,who many on the forum use and recommend.
click here

  C3 03:58 02 Dec 2007

The Power Supply Units (PSUs) are pretty generic with their connections. Most of the high powered ones have dedicated SLI or Crossfire connections as well.

Most of the better models have individual plug in power leads rather than a large bundle of power cables like older or cheaper PSUs have. This means, if you only need three cables to connect all your power sockets, then that's all you have to fit.

For example, my Enermax 620w PSU has 8 ports on it to connect cables. 2 for SLI and 6 for other connections I only use 5 of them, 1 for my graphics card, the other 4 for the rest of the system.

Overclockers have a good selection : click here

I can't advise you on the best manufacturer, but I am happy with my Enermax 620w PSU.

I would look at getting a 550w one minimum as this will mean you aren't taxing the PSU with the load.

As for your fan speeding up and slowing down, this may be normal as the GFX chip will get hotter and cooler depending on what is happening in the game and the fan will change speed depending on the chip temperature.

  €dstowe 08:12 02 Dec 2007

If the sound from the graphics card fan is so noticeable, it may be time to replace that. These fans are normally very quiet.

  habs2habs 09:47 02 Dec 2007

mrwoowoo:please which one do you recommend me.

C3:thank you for explaining this to me.

Do you think if i buy psu which sli or crossfire will work on my pc?

dstowe:my graphic card is one week old.

My old graphic card ati (x800 pro) doesn't have this problem about the graphic fan even with the psu i am having now.

thank you so much for your help in advance and as all time.

Have a very lovely day

  €dstowe 10:02 02 Dec 2007

If the graphics card fan is noisy (notwithstanding it being new or it varies in speed) there is something not right about it.

As it's only a week old, get it replaced.

  citadel 14:14 02 Dec 2007

corsair 520 hx modular or corsair 620 hx modular, these are very quiet, 80% plus efficiancy, 5 year warranty. cheap psu's are inefficient and less stable. look for one with the 80% + logo if you do not fancy the corsairs.

  C3 00:16 03 Dec 2007

I have never seen a Crossfire power connection so I couldn't tell you if they are the same as an SLI one.

Hopefully someone else can answer that one for you.

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