I need to tweak XP Pro

  otubby1 16:57 20 May 2003

Hi guys. I've just upgraded to XP Pro (again) and I'm hoping I can get the answer to a couple of questions.

1) How can I turn off the blasted text and pointer shadows? I've tried in control panel but no joy.

My only joy in life is Space Cadet Pinball! My high score to date is 63,000000 so you can see I play it a wee bit.

Question 2)Why does the ball now run around as if it is in a lake of syrup? And how can I get it back up to the speed it used to run at?

Please help me... I hate Freecell!

  MartinT-B 17:06 20 May 2003


If this site can't help.....

click here

  otubby1 17:20 20 May 2003

What a STAR!!

I'm going to be here for days getting this horrible version into some kind of normality. It's a pity tips don't show how to get it back as far as 3.11 :)

  otubby1 18:37 20 May 2003

If this posts, there is summat up! In this thread, I am now about to tell MartinT-B what a star he is for the second time, because it didn't show the first time even though it shows 2 responses.

Above this box, it is also telling me to tick and click if it has been resolved. The thing is... in the main window, it has got a tick and says there are two responses, I.E. Martins and mine?

Does this happen often? Because it is very confusing.

  otubby1 18:38 20 May 2003

Now it shows all three responses??

Ignore me, I'm going for a lie down.

  Flying Teddy 18:45 20 May 2003

..it happens when I post - get a blank screen with no idea what's going on. I find that hitting 'refresh' before doing anything else, then hit 'back' then 'refresh' again will mean that you can see your post and enhance peace of mind. Mind you, it doesn't always work! Ain't technology wonderful? Don't answer that.

  hugh-265156 18:52 20 May 2003

disable programs running at start up and services in the background click here click here

disable fancy windows effects.
go to controlpanel/system/advanced/performance/settings/visualeffects and tick adjust for best appearance

  otubby1 18:57 20 May 2003

I now know there are 6 responses but wheneveer I click on the link to read them, I get the same page with my original question and MartinT-B's reply. I is also still asking me to tick and click.


  VoG™ 19:00 20 May 2003

In Internet Explorer, Tools/Internet Options, General tab, Temporary Internet Files "Settings" button, tick "Every visit to the page".

  otubby1 19:03 20 May 2003


  hugh-265156 19:03 20 May 2003


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