I need to turn off password saving for certain things.

  bumpkin 13:30 26 Jun 2013

Hello everyone,

I discovered yesterday that I was able to make a Paypal payment without entering my password, not a good thing. I need to change this as presumable the password is stored on the PC somewhere. I am using XP and from what I can remember somewhere in the settings is an option to exclude certain passwords from being saved. I don't really want to turn it off for all passwords.

Any advice please.

  Chronos the 2nd 13:40 26 Jun 2013

I do not know how you managed to make a payment via Paypal without inputting your password first as I cannot. I do have a password manager (Roboform) but I still need to input not only my password using Roboform but also a random 6 digit number I get from a little gizmo Paypal sent me.

This thing (top) I did not know there was a newer version,will need to look into this.

  spuds 13:45 26 Jun 2013
  bumpkin 15:04 26 Jun 2013

Chronos, "I do not know how you managed to make a payment via Paypal without inputting your password first"

That is what worries me, I had gone to make the payment and was looking up my password in my book as I could not remember it and when I looked back at the screen and before I entered anything it said payment made and I was sent an Email reciept from the payee.I could try it again but may then end up paying twice.

Thanks Spuds, had a good read of your link but could not find the answer there.

  spuds 16:13 26 Jun 2013

Be careful about the payment link/tag on PayPal, possibly going through eBay. Recently I have found this to be rather slow, and there is a good possibility that you might press the link/tag twice, with the end result of some confusion or perhaps another payment be taken?.

The reason I mention this, was due to the fact that I was making a payment to a credit card company a few months ago, and a similar thing happened, but not one payment was taken but three. I took this straight up with the credit card company, and their customer care team didn't seem concerned.In fact they eventually refused to speak to me, because I could not complete the 'precise' security check. I then had to follow this up with a rather harsh letter, which got an apologetic response from senior management. Another word of warning, apparently they had 30 days in which to return 'my' money?.

  bumpkin 17:33 26 Jun 2013

Spuds, exactly the sort of thing I do not want to happen but I still can not see how a payment could be made without the password. As I did not enter the password myself it could only have come from my PC. It would seem that anyone with access to my PC could use my paypal account raising all sorts of security issues. I suppose the next step would to phone paypal but I know that they will say the password was entered.

  rdave13 17:41 26 Jun 2013

Why not go to your account and create a new password (including symbols) so the next time you log in don't let the browser 'remember' it.

  bumpkin 18:16 26 Jun 2013

rdave 13, you must have read my mind, just about to do that when I saw your post. I will do it now, I have never intentionally asked anything to remember passwords of that nature only things like shopping passwords (Amazon, 7 dayshop). I may have made a mistake which is why I asked about the option in settings to specifically exclude certain ones. I know it is there somewhere as I could never save a password that I wanted to save to another site no matter what. By chance I found the setting options one day and the site I refer to was listed as an exception (ie save passwords then a tab exceptions where it was the only one listed) I cleared the exception option and it now works ok.

  Chronos the 2nd 18:40 26 Jun 2013

Also you could get the little number generator thingy from Paypal which would mean you would have to input a different randomly generated number each time you used Paypal.

  bumpkin 18:51 26 Jun 2013

thanks Chronos I saw that in your earlier link, seems similar to a thing I have for contacting my bank. most likely get one once I have resolved what happened yesterday.

  rdave13 19:12 26 Jun 2013

In IE go to tools, internet options, content, Auto complete, settings tab, and finally 'manage passwords'. That will show the passwords stored in IE.

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