I need to open my NAT for xbox live?

  caddyzx 14:02 19 Jul 2006

Anyone know how.

Im using BT voyager 205 ADSL and ive tried the offical BT help no luck

  ade.h 14:51 19 Jul 2006

Not with a 205 I don't, sorry. I suggest reading the full PDF manual. However, I can't see what Network Address Translation would have to with any problems; I would expect to have to make a port rule of some kind. Perhaps we can help if you tell us exactly what kind of problem you are trying to fix.

  caddyzx 15:04 19 Jul 2006

I need to make my NAT open as when it is strict i cannot connect to other peopoles games or talk to people who also have a strict NAT.

So i need to make it Open instead of strict to optimize my game play

  ade.h 15:46 19 Jul 2006

I still think that you are talking about the router's firewall, not the NAT. click here gives the definition of NAT; it is used by routed networks purely to allow multiple clients to share the same internet IP through a gateway. For simplicity, you can enter one client into the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ), assuming that the 205 has one.

  caddyzx 15:57 19 Jul 2006

im using net and live through it via usb and ethernet and ive tried the DMZ but still no

  ade.h 16:05 19 Jul 2006

If you have tried the DMZ, then your router is not at fault and you need to look elsewhere. A client firewall perhaps.

  caddyzx 16:06 19 Jul 2006


  caddyzx 18:48 19 Jul 2006

anyone know

  caddyzx 15:04 20 Jul 2006


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