I need a new router - advice/help please

  LeedsLass 14:23 18 Feb 2009

My router has packed up so I am in the market for a new one.

I am on cable (with Virgin) and have 2 laptops (both wifi enabled) in the house and one desktop (which is upstairs - the cable modem is downstairs) and has a wireless network card installed and my Wii and DS (possibly thinking about getting a wireless surveillance camera but that's not for a while yet).

My router that has died is a D-Link and was dead easy to set up and has been very reliable until recently (I've had it about 6 or 7 years) so ideally I'm confortable with D-link and would *prefer* to stick with D-Link unless there's something amazingly better out there that you can recommend.

The one I've chosen is this one:

click here

1. Will it allow all three computers to be online at once, plus the other stuff?
2. Will the coverage be good? I have a 3 bed house.
3. Will I be able to set up a home network easily enough with it?
4. Have you any advice/help to add......?

Thanx in advance people.

  ambra4 14:31 18 Feb 2009
  LeedsLass 14:37 18 Feb 2009

Yes, I've read that but it doesn't seem to answer my questions 1 and 3 (unless I just can't translate the tech language properly)

  ambra4 15:46 18 Feb 2009

Yes to 1 & 3

  LeedsLass 15:47 18 Feb 2009

Aha, thank you

  mgmcc 15:49 18 Feb 2009

Q.1 - Yes, it will let you connect all three computers and "other stuff" simultaneously.

Q.3 - If you already had a network set up with your old D-Link router, connecting via a different router shouldn't make any difference - the existing network should still function as before.

  LeedsLass 16:05 18 Feb 2009

No I didn't have a network with the old router because everytime i tried to do it, it required a flash drive to take the settings between computers, but the router didn't have a USB port so I never got very far. From what I can gather this one does have a USB port and I'm guessing it will be fairly simple to setup?

  mgmcc 20:39 18 Feb 2009

You *DO NOT* require a flash drive to transfer settings between computers in order to set up a network and the USB port on the router is not for that purpose.

Basically, to set up a network you need to set any folders that you want to have available over the network as "shared" by right clicking and selecting the "Sharing & Security" option. Then ensure that any firewall software is configured to allow access to the networked computers. Similarly, set any printers as "shared" and I have details for setting up a Network Printer in either XP or Vista at click here

Additionally, if using Vista, go into the "Network & Sharing Centre" and enable:

- Network Discovery
- File Sharing
- Public Folder Sharing
- Printer Sharing (if the printer is attached to the Vista PC)

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