I need info on bad sectors for a legal case

  Ellen G 10:43 16 Sep 2004

I lost a case in the Small Claims Court because I could not challnege the expert who claimed that:
1. A bad sector is not a problem and mine was small
2. Even if a bad sector grows, as mine did, it isn't a sign of anything being wrong with a hard disc. There is a definition of when a disc is dying, a cut off point for bad sectors. I was nowhere near. (I don't know the cut-off point).

Background: shortly after being 'repaired' by the shop in question, my erratic computer became even more erratic and the hard disc started making strange noises. the shop had reformatted the disc and relaoded Windows 98SE. That apparently proves the HD was fine. The computer kept behaving badly so went elsewhere, got new hard disc. Problem solved. (Fingers crossed).

I'm trying to find out authoritative information from a textbook or somewhere which I can send with my appeal papers to support my view that erratic behaviour, difficulties installing my software, problems saving to disc and crashes, followed by report on scandisc of bad sector which reappeared one day after reformat, was indeed a sign of a hard disc failure. Which the shop should have found. I lost £150 for a reformat and reload of the OS, and then had to go to a new shop for a new HD because the first people said there was nothing wrong with my HD and refused to install one (twice).

Does anyone have an idea which book or site might help? (Independent report noting HD problems wasn't accepted as it was written a few months after the event). Can't prove HD was faulty when in shop. (It's a good thing we don't apply this logic to humans otherwise we couldn't have coroner's courts).

  Baledor 11:03 16 Sep 2004

turning up in court with opinion from the PC Advisors message boards won't stand you in much stead. My first bit of advice would be to go to the disk manufacturers themselves, they make the things and should have advice on 'soft' and 'hard' bad sector errors, their signs and effects.

You are correct in stating that the reappearance of sector errors after scandisk has 'attempted recovery of bad sectors' indicates that the error is at disk level not software.

I am surprised you lost on the 2 points you have stated above, bad disk sectors have always been an indication of drive problem, especially when scandisk/chkdisk have been run several times and the problem re-occurs, coupled with disk errors and erratic behaviour, this is not normal for a computer and it must have been either a poor case presented by yourself, an excellent (yet truthfully flawed) case by the defence or the Judge/Magistrate didn't have a clue what you or the prosecution were talking about and decided to flip a coin.

Best of luck, I’d hate to see someone lose their money, when the shop owner is clearly talking rubbish.

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