i need help on Splinter cell (hehe)

  Sunny-275842 23:57 12 Mar 2003

hi! this isnt at all a problem but never the lest i need help on Splinter Cell!!! im on the level where you have to use the Laser mic to listen to the guys in the life but near the top the man in my ear comes in and says 'What the hell are you doing?!?!' and mission is over :( tried at least more than 10times in the darkest places! what im i doing wrong?!

thanks for answering if you peeps do! :P


  daemon 00:08 13 Mar 2003

when you first come into through the door into the courtyard the men come into the lift stay where u are and laser mic them hold the mic on them for the whole time they are in the lift (the square goes red in the middle of the aim) when they reach the top the man comes back on the earpiece saying what to do next but be warned get to a dark area as soon as the man comes on the mic as 4 men come out of the door opposite

  Sunny-275842 22:38 14 Mar 2003

ahhhhh theres 4 men that comes out the doors!! which side? the right or left? ill try it thanks! ;)

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