I need help please

  XxPlaygirlxX 15:39 12 Aug 2005

When i log on a start up screen comes on ( aol teens) and all the writing on it is tiny and i was wondering id sum 1 could help me ???? i am desperate!!!

  Sapins 15:57 12 Aug 2005


First of all just post one thread per problem and check regularly for answers, you will get an e-mail each time someone posts a response to your question if you have ticked the box underneath the message box.

As to the size of the print, If you are using Internet Explorer just click on View then Text Size and select the one you want.

Hope this helps,



  uisquebeathus 16:05 12 Aug 2005

can you right click your mouse on a blank part of youe screen and see what the properties / settings are it should be "1024 by 768" if a 17inch monitor for example or "800 by 600".
there is a slide bar which can be moved left or right,symply put, the higher the numbers the smaller the letter font size will be
you should see an "Advanced" button click this than select the "dot" for
"ask me before applying the new settings" or "apply the new display settings without restarting"

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