i need help lappy dying a slow and painful death.

  imhopeless 14:06 09 Aug 2006

My computer is always freezing, keeps crashing and is in very poor health.Scans I have done report that my laptop needs an undertaker. Are there programmes out there that can fix my computer for free. I know its a big ask. Thanks.

  FelixTCat 14:22 09 Aug 2006


The first and most important thing to do is to back up and save somewhere safe any data on the laptop that you wish to keep. Do it now, before the laptop completely fails.

Second, give us some further information about the problem. It is not at all clear whether you are suffering from hard disk problems, memory problems or what. What scans did you carry out and what were the results?

What do you want the end result to be? A working laptop, a new laptop or what? What do you want the laptop for?



  imhopeless 14:41 09 Aug 2006

I have used several scans ie pc doc pro, pc pitstop. And they all say Ive got 86 registry issues, broken installed files, 5861 junk files. The list is endless. I want to clean this lappy up.

Oh dear god and all i know is how to turn this thing on.

  Devil Fish 15:00 09 Aug 2006

click here to clean out junk

click here clean registry never had any problems with it but back up 1st is advised

click here antispy/malware removal

click here
spyware adware scans

a few tools above to get you going when you have cleared out the junk a good defrag will help as well

  Pamy 16:11 09 Aug 2006

If you are not bothered about any data on your lappy, then I would suggest that you format the HDD and install your operating system. You do have the operating system disk dont you?

  imhopeless 16:27 09 Aug 2006

Sorry i took so long to respond but i am in the process of following Devilfish's most welcome advice. Very helpful cheers. But in answer to you question of the disk OOPS no i have not got it.

  Strawballs 20:19 09 Aug 2006

Did you ever have it or is the recovery on a seperate partion on the hard drive

  p;3 01:20 10 Aug 2006

which version of windows is on there? are you on dial up or broadband

you mention a lap top ? and a computer? is it a lap top that is causing the problems

and do you have adaware, spybot and a squared programs on there and what antivirus protection is on there?

  p;3 22:25 10 Aug 2006

is this still dying or is it now beyond help?

  wee eddie 08:06 11 Aug 2006

Surfing the net:

No AV.

No Firewall.

Never cleared Temp Files.

Never Defragged

  wee eddie 16:26 11 Aug 2006

Once you've followed Devil Fish's leads, Defragged, Cleared all the Temp Files, deleted unused Software and Defragged again.

Give us a shout and more help will come your way.

It would be a good idea to post the Lappy's Specification and the sort of things you use it for, then the ideas can be more specific.

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