i need help fixing my computer..

  prouddad27 19:51 12 Sep 2008

a couple weeks ago i bought a laptop from my friend and it worked great. then one night my brother used it and started deleting files on it that he had no idea what thay were for and now my computer does not work at all.. when i start it up i get the compaq screen and i used to see the windows 98 screen and then 3 error messages popped up now all it does is shows the compaq screen then a error message pops up that says operating system not found.. i was wondering how i could fix my computer i have no reboot disk or anything. is there a way i can reboot my computer with out the disk or how i could get or download one and burn it to a cd.. i dont know what he deleted or anything but my computer does not work can someone help me please..

  mfletch 20:01 12 Sep 2008

Im afraid your going to have to get hold of a 98 disc or if I was you I would put Linux on it,

A little more info on linux click here

  jack 20:22 12 Sep 2008

is to hand it to your brother and tell hime to get it sorted- at his own expense.
The linux ides is a good one though software available is is not a reat as MS based stuff it is sufficient.
Any Branch of WH Smith - pick up a Linux mag with a DVD of a Linux version on it- and go from there
And your brother pays

  tullie 20:31 12 Sep 2008

Why should you go to linux because your brothers stuffed the computer?Im sure someone will have an answer,can you boot into safe mode,and do a system restore to before i9t went wrong?

  mfletch 20:34 12 Sep 2008

I don;t think 98 has the system restore option

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:45 12 Sep 2008

error message pops up that says operating system not found

Assuming it has a floppy drive
download and make a boot floppy from heclick here boot with the disk in the drive and see if it will boot to win98

  jack 09:59 13 Sep 2008

Really it is your brothers problem.
But as it appears he does not know what he is doing it would look like you are going nowhere fast.
I appears it is an older machine - Windows 98
So you will need someone with that software, and
know how to sort it.
Do you know any one near by?
It wont be a shop job I feel ,but one for an enthusiasts like one of us.
So what area are you situated?
And if some one on here happens to be nearby and is prepared to take it on and, you have the means to get it to them- personally- not by a carrier
You may start getting somewhere
Over to you

  Technotiger 10:30 13 Sep 2008

jack's idea is a good one - I would certainly be happy to sort it for you if you are anywhere near my location - Portsmouth! I do have the necessary floppies to be able to fix it.

  jack 11:46 13 Sep 2008

North Kent-close by M25 and the crossing

  woodchip 12:33 13 Sep 2008

Try this it may work and about the only thing you can try if you do not have a Win98 disc.

Download Boot Disc Tenth file from top click here after you download the file put a Floppy disc in the Drive then double click on the Download, this will create a Boot Disc.

Start the Computer with the Disc and let it load until you get to A:\> then type

SYS /C and press enter. remove the disc then try rebooting the computer

  pj123 14:05 13 Sep 2008

I would certainly offer my services if you are anywhere near Norwich

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