I need help finding a good spec laptop for £400

  crisjako 12:09 05 Sep 2010

hello everybody,

I know £400 wont get me far in the top of the range laptop world but maybe there is somebody that could help me out finding a laptop with these specifications:

Windows 7
2.6 GHz Dual Core
3 or 2 GB RAM

all i really want to use it for is to play games such as:

Call of Duty 4
Possibly Company of Heros.

there are also a few bits of software i want to use aswell such as:

Dance Ejay
Adobe After Effects
FxHome Vision Lab
Flash CS4
Dreamweaver CS4.

Thank you all in advance,
Chris Jackson

  MAJ 12:16 05 Sep 2010

I bought one of these for a mate last week click here. Iwas very impressed with it and ebuyer delivered it in three days. So if you can go the extra £40, it's well worth it. Sorry, I'm not a gamer so I can't speak for that end of things, but it'll run all your software without problems.

  crisjako 12:22 05 Sep 2010

thank you very much for your response. thats an even better proccesor than i wanted with the ability to add up to 8gb ram. i like this one alot but its just the graphics that im not too keen on. my knowledge of laptops and hardware isnt the best so if anybody could tell me if Intel HD Graphics is any good then that would be great.

  The Kestrel 12:34 05 Sep 2010

With a budget of around £400 you are very unlikely to find a laptop with a separate graphics card. Certainly not with the new Intel i3 core processor. Unless you are into serious gaming, I would think that the Intel integrated graphics would be fine for most things you would want to do.

  crisjako 12:36 05 Sep 2010

thanks for all your help. im not a serious gamer but do you think Intel HD Graphics would be enough to run Call of Duty 4?

  MAJ 12:36 05 Sep 2010

That (the i3 processor) was one of the reasons I recommended it to him, crisjako, along with the fact that it had Win 7 64-bit installed, meaning that, if he needed to, he could upgrade to 8 GB of memory. It also has the fast 7200rpm SATA drive, and it had the connections to connect it to his large flatscreen TV. Sorry I can't be helpful with the graphics, I have brainlock when it comes to PC games, but there are some expert gamers around here, they'll advise you further I'm sure.

  crisjako 12:46 05 Sep 2010

you have both helped me soo much i think i will get the HP and upgrade the ram. if only they did external usb graphics cards now that really would be cool.

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