i need help fast

  pratty1974 20:57 08 Jul 2007

For no apparent rson I keep getting a pop balloon which says" SYSTEM ALERT Systemhas detected a number of active spyware applications that may impact the performance of your computer. Click the icon(shield with cross in it)to get rid of unwanted spyware by downloading an up to date anti spyware solution."

So i downloaded super antispyware and ran it it found 16 infected files so i quaritined them removed them but the problems still there what do i do now?

  recap 21:00 08 Jul 2007

It sounds like the pop-up could have been the spyware.

Download and run Spyware S&D click here for the Free download.

  [email protected] 21:08 08 Jul 2007
  Technotiger 21:14 08 Jul 2007

Yes, that pop-up IS spyware.

  skidzy 21:14 08 Jul 2007

Recap and Raven have given sound advice and removal instructions.
However can you tell us of anything you may have downloaded recently such as antispyware programs.

Unless Raven has it the nail on the head or Spybot SD removes this,we will need the programs name or at least more info.

Have you downloaded anything like:

Smiley Central/Messenger Plus to mention just two.

Check in add and remove programs,this will not remove everything and chances are its going to need manual removal and a clean up.

  Strawballs 21:20 08 Jul 2007

Messenger plus is fine as long as you say no to it's sponsor program, it still works ok

  p;3 21:29 08 Jul 2007

also try

click here

did you run THIS program
click here

as opposed to a rogue one with a similar name??

  skidzy 21:30 08 Jul 2007

Strawballs,you are quite correct hence why i asked if this has been downloaded.I should have mentioned about the sponsor...normally has the ever fateful Lop within.

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