I need help with the connection speed & performanc

  LocalJen 09:20 28 Apr 2009

My computer is: AMD Athlon (™) Processor, 1.25 GHz, 256 MB of RAM and I am using Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3. My C drive shows Used space:17.9 GB and Free space: 56.5 GB, and so I have plenty of free space.
I am using ‘Avast 4.8 Home Edition’ anti virus protection. My I.S.P. is Sky (which I switched to from Tiscali a couple of months ago.)

What I need is help with regards to the general performance and length of time it takes from switching on my pc, to it becoming usable.

6 minutes after switching on I always get a message in the bottom right hand corner telling my that there is no firewall turned on, and it says to click the box to rectify this. I click the box, and 3 minutes later it shows all security as being turned on, and by this time my pc has become usable.

I then click on the Internet Explorer which takes a further 3 minutes to even open - but just as a frozen white screen….’connecting’, and it takes a further 1½ minutes to become usable. So, from switching my pc on, to being able to access the Internet takes 13 ½ minutes in total. This is driving me mad!

I have de-fragmented and also cleaned the Registry using ‘Eusing Registry Cleaner’. I regularly run spyware checks with Spybot, as well as running an Avast check regularly, with no problems showing up. I have uninstalled any unused programmes, and haven’t got any excess ‘add-ons’ in Internet explorer, and I don’t have any extra tool bars either.

I have been into ‘System Properties’ and in ‘Advanced’ I have clicked to adjust for best performance.

I also often get a message telling me that Windows Virtual Memory Minimum is too low and it is being fixed. I have selected the ‘System Managed Size Option’ in ‘Computer Properties’ ‘Advanced’, but I still get the warning message!

Even when everything is fully connected and running my computer is painfully slow, and freezes a lot when clicking on applications.

I would be grateful for any help at all on what my problem could be, and help on solving it please…..before I go insane! lol.

  LocalJen 09:42 28 Apr 2009

Thnx Jock1e I'll try that later....I work full time so won't get chance until this evening. I thought that because I had a lot of free space that the memory wasn't the problem? What memory size would you suggest for me?

  LocalJen 09:43 28 Apr 2009

Yes, it is an oldish pc! Taskmanager - thats another thing!....I can't always get it up when I press Ctrl, Alt and delete....any ideas or is that all linked with same prob?

  TonyM 10:00 28 Apr 2009

Did this machine always have XP on it, or have you upgraded from another OS ?

I think 256Mb of RAM is quoted as the absolute minimum for running XP , but as you are finding it is painfully slow - upgrade to 1Gb (or even 2Gb, as memory is so cheap these days) and you will see an almost miraculous transformation

  LocalJen 10:06 28 Apr 2009

Thanks TonyM, it looks like that is what my problem is then doesn't it! I bought the pc 2nd hand from a local I.T/ company, so I have no idea whether it has always had XP on it or not. I will contact the guy I bought it from and see about increasing the memory.......your term 'miraculous transformation' has convinced me lol..... Thanks guys for all your advice!

  LocalJen 15:21 11 May 2009

Just to say thank you for the advise, I have had the memory increased by 2GB and like you say TonyM....the transformation is certainly Miraculous! Cheers again to you both for all your advise. Jen

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