I need help choosing a value for money pc

  Sliphitz 21:35 13 Sep 2009

Hey ive been looking for a good gaming pc for around £700 max and was wondering if anyone could recommend a ready made pc that would be any good.

I know enough about computers to get by but i dont know nearly enough when it comes to choosing a good one when i want to buy.

My current pc is now really old and out dated and can barely run the games i play

The hard drive memory or whatever is 75GB and ive almost filled it out with music/games so i need something much bigger in that aspect.

I was looking to buy one from play.com or pc world would this be a wise choice and if so which one would be good?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out.

  mrwoowoo 22:38 13 Sep 2009

You don't mention if you require a monitor or just a base unit.
Do you need an operating system with it?

  Sliphitz 23:54 13 Sep 2009

dont need a monitor or operating system

  mrwoowoo 02:07 14 Sep 2009

For your budget these are a good option.
click here
click here
And this one is a real bargain.
click here

  Sliphitz 17:14 14 Sep 2009

thanks mrwoowoo the last one u sent seems the best option i might go with it unless someone else finds someothing better :)

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