i need help

  jo73 13:54 14 Jun 2006

well had xp home.then had a few problems.a friends son said he new a lot about pc and put xp prof on which i need not know he did( we later found out its a copy ).he will not fix the problems.i re put on the xp home. but having problem i cant short cut to the net i cant play games on it .is shuts down on its own.my son has learn diff and i need this for his school work. plz any can you help i know nothing about pc and i have no idea what he done.

  woodchip 14:01 14 Jun 2006

Then you should get someone that is competent that lives near that can be entrusted to sort this out going on the thread you posted as I think this is more than you are capable of. "No disrespect intended". I don't think this can be put right with someone who cannot follow directions and not know enough about a computer innards

  woodchip 14:02 14 Jun 2006

If you posted your area that you live not address then someone may offer to help on a one to one

  jo73 14:09 14 Jun 2006

i love in the midlands.thank you for your help .yes you are right i know nothing about pc

  jo73 14:09 14 Jun 2006

sorry i live in the midlands

  woodchip 14:13 14 Jun 2006


  Jackcoms 14:13 14 Jun 2006

"sorry i live in the midlands"

No need to apologise. Someone's got to live in the Midlands, I suppose.

  jo73 14:14 14 Jun 2006


  woodchip 14:17 14 Jun 2006

Not me sorry, I am 14 miles north west Sheffield

  VoG II 14:19 14 Jun 2006

If this switching off by itself has started happening during the recent hot weather then it may simply be a case of overheating. You would need to open the case and clean out the fluff and make sure all the fans were spinning.

If it isn't an overheating issue and you have a Windows Home CD then you could try a repair. Here is a step-by-step guide click here

  ade.h 14:22 14 Jun 2006

You just had me in stitches! Thanks for that! LOL.

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