I need to Format my H. Disk to get rid of a Virus

  Ronnie H 09:10 15 Feb 2003

I think i may have a virus, how can i wipe my H.Disk clean including the boot sector to eradicate it? I have Windows 2000.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:16 15 Feb 2003

It is usually unecessary to fdisk in order to remove a virus as most are fairly harmless. Do you know which virus it is, or what makes you think that you have a virus?


  Ronnie H 09:26 15 Feb 2003

Two weeks ago Norton Antivirus warned me a couple of times that i had the [email protected] virus (or was it [email protected] - i cant remember! something like that). It said access denied when trying to remove it. I tried the removal tool i got from their web site and it reported that i didnt have the virus. Since then My programs have been crashing as soon as they start with error messages " Outlook.exe has generated errors and will close" this has happend to a couple of other programs too. But when i reinstall the programs it doesnt cure it.

Any ideas??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:45 15 Feb 2003

It is unlikely that a virus would cause .exe errors especially the worm that you had. Norton is usually spot-on at blocking it.

I would try to re-install Internet Explorer (assuming you have IE60. Don't try the repair option as it is as much use as a chocolate teapot ;-). Put the IE prog disk in your CD Rom and let the programme start. When it gets to the 'custom' typical' dialogue choose 'custom' and make sure ALL the boxes are ticked EXCEPT languages and Media player. Go thru the install and reboot when the install finishes.

For added checking you may like to try Housecall from Trend as Norton has been known to miss some viruses. The scan is free and takes around 20 mins.....click here A scan for trojans may also be useful..click here is a free to try application.



  Ronnie H 10:04 15 Feb 2003

Thanks for your help G


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