I need to format C - Advice required

  murgle 19:19 27 May 2004

I have been experiencing some problems with my computer freezing when playing games and playing clips which seems to have got worse. I am also having problem with other software and have decided to do a format C.

I have 2 120gb hard drives in my PC. The last time I did a format C I copied all my files to my second hardrive and also back up files. After I formated and reinstalled windows it was unable to see any of the files on my second drive. I am now scared to do this incase I loose all my files again.

If I disconnect the second drive before I re format will this protect the files or do I run the same risk of not being able to see them after reformating and re connecting the drive?

Any advise is appreciated on this and also is there a website that gives step by step instruction on how to do a safe format c.

Thank you.

  Graham ® 19:26 27 May 2004
  Graham ® 19:33 27 May 2004

That's a little dated, but many of the principles apply to later systems.

  Graham ® 19:36 27 May 2004

Here's one for XP click here

  woodchip 19:44 27 May 2004

Before you format you may be better try a new graphics driver for yor card

  murgle 21:08 27 May 2004

Done it, no difference whatsoever.

  woodchip 23:09 27 May 2004

What you need to do first is save all the drivers on your hard drive for your hardware etc with WinDriver Expert from click here
free save the drivers to your other disc as you only need format C: when you have reinstalled run the drivers to restore them

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