I need an external HD (I think)

  badgermansix 22:12 06 Jan 2007

I am thinking of getting an external HD.
I want to be able to take files (a few gigs) from my PC to another some way away, and viceversa, and
also to use it as a backup
Would there be a problem doing this?
Any recommendations (or don't buy), thoughts on this please.
I think 120gb would be big enough.

  kev-a 22:35 06 Jan 2007

With regard to your transporting a few gigs from computer to computer you may be better off with something like an 8 gig flash drive which is nice and small as apposed to lugging around an external drive which probably won't take to kindly to being moved around.
And get a large Ext for extra storage leaving it attached to one computer.

  kev-a 22:37 06 Jan 2007

UNLESS a few gigs is more than 8 in which case ignore my suggestions :((

  ed-0 23:04 06 Jan 2007

There shouldn't be any problems as long as you have usb2.0. But be aware that an external usb2.0 drive will be a lot slower than an internal hard drive. transfer rates are from a low 5Mbps to 15Mbps after the initial burst of cache.

The price difference of a 160Gb to a 320Gb should be minimal, go for a larger drive.

The faster the rotation speed, the better the access time, so try and get a 7200 drive. click here

The hard drives cache can make a difference on the speed of the drive, the higher the better. Look for at least 8Mb, 16Mb will be better. click here

  woodchip 23:11 06 Jan 2007

If you use it on any Fat32 then make sure the drive is formated as Fat32. That is for Win98se and WinME plus XP running on Fat32 as if you make it NTFS then a Fat32 System will not see the drive. NTFS can see both

  ed-0 23:37 06 Jan 2007

Good advice from woodchip, as usual.

evening woodchip:-)

any news re the TV monitor?

  badgermansix 07:36 07 Jan 2007

That will do me, thank you all.

We are both using NTFS, and as I would be using it to back up my PC, I don't think a flash drive would be an option, but thanks for the idea giratboyblues.

I think this is resolved, but I will come back with the result some time in the near future.

Thanks again.

  woodchip 15:46 07 Jan 2007

Hi ed-0 went to bed not long after posting hear. No not done anything about TV as yet, but think that a LCD HD will be on my next hit list

  badgermansix 07:39 23 Jan 2007

I said I would come back.
I have been using this, click here for a week or so now and am very pleased with it so far.
A couple of reviews mentioned the noise, but i have no issue about that, it is on a rubber mat.
One point, Can I unplug from one PC to another to do a back up of each without partitioning the drive, on one pc I am using ghost, the other Acronis?

Thanks for the input.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:59 23 Jan 2007

"Can I unplug from one PC to another to do a back up of each without partitioning the drive, on one pc I am using ghost, the other Acronis?"

That shouldn't pose any problems.

  woodchip 15:08 23 Jan 2007

Before you remove the drive, right click on the ICON with green arrow in system tray, and choose shut down

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