I need to do factory restore from disks on Vaio

  laptopdunce 14:47 24 Jan 2014

After a NIGHTMARE RIGMAROLE because I downloaded a modem driver from a CD rom I now find the ONLY option is to restore my sony vaio from facotry disks, have done restore from previous date and I still cant get into windows/start menu on my vaio, I think I must therefore recover the whole system from recovery disks, I did this once before, a long process but currently cant even access start menu, so my question is: HOW do I restore to factory settings form the recovery disks, bearing in mind I cant even open ANY programmesor the start menu in normal mode, Can I recover with factory disks in the Safe mode? - I will NEVER buy a Vaio again!! TERRIBLE!!! thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  rdave13 15:00 24 Jan 2014

I'm sorry for the problems you're getting with this laptop, seems never ending. Can you try to uninstall the drivers in safe mode first? That might do it. To return to factory settings, boot the laptop, insert first disk, shut down the laptop (holding down the power button will do). Start the laptop and press any key when it asks for it, to boot to the DVD. It should be already set to boot from the DVD in the bios.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:37 24 Jan 2014

Stick to your other thread

and answer my question about what you see in task manager taking up all the cpu / memory

click on iy and end progtam or if a process click on it and end process.

a factory reset is not necessary and will loose all the data on our machine.

  laptopdunce 15:51 24 Jan 2014

I know I will lost all the data but I have told you that when I start the computer running it will NOT do anything!! it bring the desktop page up but only has a round mouse icon that wont open the start menu or ANYTHING, it just jams and this circular icon wont stop turning, that is why I think after so many hours wasted on this damn thing I should recover from factry disks, even in safe mode I have run the restore to previous day (21st) and then it said it had done it all successfully but when I log on in normal mode AGAIN the thing wont respond, cant open ANYTHING!! latptopdunce have to go to work soon and this is whole day wasted on this damn thing.

  laptopdunce 15:55 24 Jan 2014

PS , if I could uninstall the drivers in safe mode (I dont know how to do that) it seems to me that even doing this wont make it work properly, as I have already done the "restore to earlier time" and it did that fine, so if that worked it must have uninstalled the driver that was done yesterday but still it wont let me open anything in normal mode, so there is something seriously wrong here, the restore to the 21st must mean that the system hasnt got the offending driver in it??? or has it?? laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 16:03 24 Jan 2014

I have jsut gone into device manager in safe mode but there are loads of titles for hard drives, mouse pointer, network adaptors etc. etc., I dont know to look for?? where will the drvier for the Huawei HG655d be?? (if it is there at all?? bearing in mind I did the rstore point to the 21st so I assume it deleted that driver?? why are these things so UNBELIEVABLY COMPLICATED?? a NORMAL person could NEVER get around all this ! I have said this a MILLION times, no youngester of 18 could POSSIBLY navigate this nightmare!! Laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 17:22 24 Jan 2014

I know you guys are trying help but when the laptop will not respond PERIOD its no good saying "click on this" open this, when the thing is JAMMED totally, so have started the recovery from factory settings disks again!! As it could LITERALLY go on for DAYS not being able to access that horrible laptop, I am back in england next week as I travel alot and if I cant get it working from this recovery I will just bin it and buy a Mac!! been advised so often NEVER to buy a windows laptop, there is something TOTALLY wrong with this VAIO that I never feel "safe" with it, when my cheapo tablet and notepad computer fire up PERFECTLY and have ALWAYS recognized a router/installed drivers etc., I'm very diappointed really in this VAIO, will let you know if it does start to work again after recovery. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE - as I said before a "youngster" would NEVER go through this nightmare, nor would they be able to negotiate any of this sh*t, and lets face it, they are RIGHT, why should they!!!?

  laptopdunce 11:46 25 Jan 2014

Just to let you all know, after a sleepless night and eating CHOCOLATE to avoid a nervous breakdown! I checked on my netbook about the Huawei HG655d router, it seems there are alot of firmware problems with this router, and some VERY COMPLICATED configurations one can do to fix them, this router seems to be very common in Holland and Germany, so I rang my ISP, online.nl, who I must admit were FANTASTIC, they have a call you back service on your mobile so you dont clog up the landline, and they talked me through how to alter the settings (via the netbook) and then I went to the now factory restored vaio and it works!! Apparently they are INUNDATED with people who have had the same problem as me, people who used the CD rom to get it going, and it jammed up their computers when logging on again!! so Rdave was right to say never to use the horrible CD roms, so it WASNT the computer that was wrong but of course the ISP should really send a paper letter with these routers telling people there is a problem and the people who dont understand it should ring the helpdesk to be talked through how to alter the settings, I must admit it was quite complex for a dunce like me, but when accessing the local network on a special number in the address bar they talked me through what boxes to alter in the Huawei page, its been a horrible experience but at least it is working now and I am going to have to spend the day re-configuring the vaio and downloading my special programmes, Paint.net etc., so thanks for your help anyway LAPTOPDUNCE

  rdave13 12:55 25 Jan 2014

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you're sorted. You'll be an expert on PCs before long :)

  laptopdunce 13:29 25 Jan 2014

Oh, I doubt that, it was really only getting on to the helpdesk at the online.nl ISP who sorted this out for me, even their written instructions on their website were too complicated for me to follow, thats why I called them and I must admit they were EXCELLENT (Dutch companies are SHIT generally and I NEVER EVER trust buying anything in this country, I buy EVERYTHING froms shoes to laptops in the UK!! as this horrible Euro land is such a rip-off, I am Dutch national too!!! but retailing is really like a COMMUNIST country here, its the PITS!!) anyway on-line.nl who are owned by Deutsche Telecom and T-Mobile were EXCELLENT, just like TalkTalk in the UK I was AMAZED!!!) they talked me through first how to alter the settings on the special network url for Huwaei D655d router - on the netbook - as no internet yet on the Vaio, but then onto the vaio it worked OK and no need for the CD rom, so it turned out I would have had to do the full restore to facotry settings as they told me LOADS of people had this problem and its all the fault of using the CD rom to get on internet but then on restarting their computers are totally jammed, just like mine!! At least it is working know and not the fault of the computer itself, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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