I need to clear some memory in my hard disk

  MD__ 09:47 29 Apr 2003

My hard disk is only 3 Gb, windows ME uses up about 1.5 Gb, program files about 0.5 Gb ( no large programs or games, just a collection of small programs i am reluctant to touch as they appear to be involved in the actual ruinning of the computer. The problem is a file called Restore which is almost 1 Gb in size, i am not sure but as i have not installed any new programs for ages, i think this has gradually increasing in size the more i use the machine? Any suggestions as to how i could retreive some memory would be gratefully received, thanks

  MAJ 09:54 29 Apr 2003

The restore folder belongs to your System Restore function, you can turn it off, to regain some space, but it might be better if you invested about £50 on a bigger hard drive. To turn off system restore, follow these instructions click here but it's a useful tool, I wouldn't turn it off.

  MAJ 09:57 29 Apr 2003

You can reduce the amount of space Windows uses for Sys. Res. Go to your Sys. Res. settings and reduce the amount. If you turn off Sys. Res. you will lose all your Restore Points.

  Pesala 10:37 29 Apr 2003

I would say turn it off. Though it is useful, it is unreliable. I use Windows ME and when I last tried to use System Restore, I found that there were no restore points. In the past it has often failed to work at all. Sometimes it has worked, but for such a vital function as backing up one's data and programs it should be 99.99% reliable. In practice I find it is about 25% reliable at best, which is no use at all.

Keep proper backups and disable System Restore to save that precious 1 Gbyte of disk space. If the worst happens you will have to reinstall Windows and all of your programs - not a huge task in your case.

Reinstalling a clean system every six months or so is good practice anyway, as one almost inevitably accumulates some clutter.

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