I need cheap networking

  Taw® 17:40 03 Jul 2004

I have three comps at home me and the two "kids" I have BB on my and the other 2 networked to mine where my computer has to stay on for them to access the net. Not a problem and has been great for two years. However my comp is in the spare room that was empty and there was no probs leaving it on for the kids to turn of when they had finished. "long after i'm in bed. Anyhow I now have relative staying with me for a few months meaning the comp goes of early or they disturb her later. Now, finally to my point, what would be the cheapest way for me to have a router or combined modem etc so I can switch mine off. As I am not overly techy on this I would probably need something that plugs in itself

  georgemac 17:48 03 Jul 2004

how are the other 2 networked to yours at present, you must have some sort of switch where all the network cables are connected to?

Also what type of broadband modem are you using, I ma guessing it is a usb modem connected to the pc by a usb cable?

click here I imagine something like this 4 port adsl modem router would be the best option for you. You would connect each pc's network cable to the router, and the router/modem to the phone line and as long as the router is switched on then the other pc's can access the net.

  scooby43 18:01 03 Jul 2004

he might want a router with a modem

  goonerbill 18:30 03 Jul 2004

you will need a router with inbuilt modem like the one georgemac has put a link in for you. quite easy to do if you follow instructions that come with them.

my 15yr old son put one in the other week for himself and his grandad. took about 20 mins, grandad getting in the way : ))

  chugby 19:27 03 Jul 2004

looking at this modem/router myself, understand it is Origo manufacture and seen recommended elsewhere also. Came across this link for setup which may help if problems click here

one question, can you share hardware devices with this setup as well as internet? thanks

  Taw® 19:41 03 Jul 2004

many thanks people I will check these out georgemac yes it is a usb and I have a small hub where my other cables go from

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