I know who put the trojan on my pc, how do i prove

  atrida 09:24 18 May 2008

Hey people, hope you can help me here, trying to catch a bad guy. A "friend" of my sister's came by about two months ago to install a norton antivirus on my sister's laptop, she noticed that from around a month or so her internet velocity was really slow, and someone has been reading her mail, logged into her facebook account, stuff like that, so I used AVG and it detected a "Trojan horse BackDoor.VB.BEL" but I couldn't find anything on what it is exactly, anyhow about the same time i removed the virus this guy was talking to some girls who met my sister they weren't really friends at the time and he told them to beware of her (my sister) that she was some kind of hacker and could do crazy stuff with the computer, now she doesn't even know how to clear the history of the IE, and this guy knows that, it so happens that know she became a close friend with this girls, and all of them had lent their laptop for days to this guy who supposedly makes updates and checks their laptops to perform as best as possible, but their having the same symptoms as my sister's laptop I want to know how to prove is him, if there is a way of tracking him if they happen to have the same virus but i don't want to give him the heads up, what do you guys recommend

-concerned bro-

p.s. we just learned about the comment of my sister being a hacker last thursday, one of the girls made a joke about it saying "according to ... your suppose to be a hacker and you can't even remember your facebook password lol" and that's what got me thinking.

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