I know they are there but I just can't see 'em

  astral traveller 23:17 27 Jan 2003

I am copying files from my "old" pc (win98se) to my new pc (xp home). I have a number of files on a rewritable cd most of them I can view and copy no problem using explorer in xp, but there is one particular folder which does not show any subfolders or files - I know they are there 'cos I have gone back to the "old" pc and accessed them from the cd. They are all in a folder or subfolders of a GSP family tree program. I have set folder options to show all files and have checked that none of the files or folders are "hidden" but still can't see them - anyone know why not?

  Pc.2 23:22 27 Jan 2003

I had the same problem using FTM (family tree maker), going from 98 se to XP from a cdrw. I founf that I had to start the FTM Program and 'add' a tree from D:/.... i am not sure why, but I think it's because XP doesn't recognise these files as standard, I think you have to find the File Options and update them, I really don't know, but that was the way I got those files onto XP. Hope this helps.


  Forum Editor 23:27 27 Jan 2003

that the GSP family tree software was compatible with WinXP - in which case the program will not install or run.

  vinnyT 12:24 28 Jan 2003

Not all cd-rw, dvd, cd drives will read a cd rewritable disk created on another drive, you could try burning onto a cdr disk instead, as most drives are compat with these.

  astral traveller 13:26 28 Jan 2003

Pc.2 sort of get your drift. I will try and install the program from the original cd and import the necessary .ged/.gft files. Although I think the particular version I am using stores a lot of data changes within the main application file which will obviously revert back to zilch with a new install - I don't want to have to input a load of info again.

FE, If GSP programs won't run on xp then I will have to keep my win98 pc for a while until I upgrade my family tree program. Will let you know.

VinnyT, yeah I thought of that but I have used the same type of cd rw disks with data copied from the same pc and they are fine, also there are other files on the cd wr that I can read fine - with the GSP stuff I can't even see the folders - there is also an ms word file (.doc) within the GSP folder that doesn't show up either. If still no success will try using a cdr disk.

Just to let you know that I run the GSP Family Tree software on XP without any problems.

  astral traveller 18:06 29 Jan 2003

I copied the same GSP folder from my old pc onto the same rewritable cd but into a different folder - I can see and access all the newly copied files! It looks like problem solved - but I don't know how - I still can't see or access the files in the other GSP folder - at least not on my new pc - I'd be interested if anyone knows why!

  flecc 20:45 29 Jan 2003

It's probably a CD Writing format problem. There are several standards of writing to CDs, ISO 9660, plus a Microsoft addition to i, UDF format, Mount Rainier etc. They are largely incompatible and files often cannot be seen in this manner. A program like CDR Diagnostic from:-

click here

can read almost any file from a CD's surface, but at £40 it's a specialised purchase.

There's a free alternative you can always try, isobuster, sorry I haven't got the URL for it at the moment.

  flecc 20:47 29 Jan 2003

That should be "addition to it"! The addition is the Joliet standard.

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