I know this sounds dumb but ...?

  SALLY S 09:58 22 May 2004

can i access this help forum from another computer if i enter PC advisor in to the address bar of say google search engine and then log on using my password or is this access only available on the PC on which the original registration was created ?

confused ? same here - hope someone can make sense of the question

  Confab 10:00 22 May 2004

You can log in on any pc


  VoG II 10:01 22 May 2004

Any PC. On each "new" one you will need to enter your username and password for the site.

  Forum Editor 10:17 22 May 2004

that if you tick the box that allows the computer to log you in automatically our server will set a cookie on the machine. This would then enable anyone with subsequent access to the computer to log into the forum as you.

Either leave the box unticked on the second machine, or clear the cookie folder via the Internet Explorer/tools/internet options facility.

  TBH1 10:54 22 May 2004

and you don't need to go via google - - just type in the pca address in the address thingy at the top.

  spuds 12:08 22 May 2004

No question is dumb, its a learning curve for everyone, and that's what the PCA forum is about.

Thinking of sitting on the beach in Barbados, and keeping in touch then (;o))

  end 23:03 22 May 2004

is that not one of the "joys" OF the internet?? providing you can log-on to wherever you are ( even some motorway service stops have internet access available),just type in the URL or do a search, find the site, putin your details and tell the computer nOT to rememebr you, and "off you go"........

I was rather surprised to find that at work I could still access my broadband address and my e mail.......its GREAT!!!!!!!

  fullyfitted 01:01 23 May 2004

I think I am geting old ,sad and grey but whether I am on a beach in Barbados, a service station on the M1 or on top of a hill in the Yorkshire Dales ( Paradise) why would I want to view My E--mails?

Chill out , cool down let the world pass you by and be happy

  end 03:55 23 May 2004

the point being that whevever you are ( these days), and if you HAVE a " satalite" version lap top), you CAN now acccess the web from ANYWHERE....and you may not want your e mails, but some other information to help you out of a sticky spot ......as they say " the world is getting smaller"..( metaphorically speaking!!!)

  end 23:53 02 Jun 2004

glad I COULD help; I too did wonder whether I could retrieve things from another system, and very gingerly entered my "address" in work computer thinking "its going to be rejected...of COURSE it WILL BE rejected"; much to MY surprise, it "took it", and I thought " this is GOOD".....you learn by experiment...BUT,,,please do STAY AWAY from any vaguelly suspiciou site; dont go anywhere where you ar not happy, not open ANY unexpected mails;; bugs and viruss are NOT fuinny and can and DO " bugger up" the system,, as i know , literally to my expensive cost....

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