i know im stupid......... but!!!

  suesue43 19:28 21 May 2007

is software what you download on to your pc!!! im such a thicko i dont know........ does it mean stuff like games. music etc i really dont know.... sorry to sound sooo stupid

  recap 19:33 21 May 2007

Yes suesue43, software is the programs you load on to your computer, either via a disc or download. Hardware is the physical side of computing the stuff you can touch, like your printer, Monitor, camera etc.

There are no silly questions when asking about computers.


  suesue43 19:36 21 May 2007

thank you so much recap im a complete novice my 8 year old said that but just wanted to double check... deary me have to get the complete dummies guide to pcs lol... thanks again

  wee eddie 19:56 21 May 2007

Sounds like a good idea.

Most local Colleges do courses like "Computers for the Terrified" or similar. Well worth it if you can find the time.

Visit us here now and again. Contribute to Speakers Corner and read any bits in the Beginners Section and Consumer Watch that you think might be interesting.

After a couple of months you'll be surprised at the amount of totally useless knowledge that you have picked up.

  mocha 19:57 21 May 2007

Software is programs that run on your computer that for eg. let you manipulate digital photos, create documents, play games, make spreadsheets etc.

Music is not software nor is films but they can also be downloaded onto your computer and played through your computer using software eg. Windows Media Player. Hope this helps.

  g0slp 19:59 21 May 2007

Welcome to the Forum.

I agree with what recap & wee eddie say, for what it's worth.

  recap 20:04 21 May 2007

click here and do a search for a local UK online centre in your area suesue43, these centre were set up to help people like your self. Most centres have a drop in facility where you can learn IT at your own pace.

  suesue43 20:09 21 May 2007

thank you so much too all of you...... as they say you gotta begin somewhere, i did upload pics from my digital camera onto my pc so that means ive uploaded software, how cool am i lol...... thank you all again i just dont know the terms they use etc thanks again and i will keep my eye out here its a great way to learn and yes wil try my local college too!!

  skidzy 21:01 21 May 2007

6 years ago my son aged 3 at the time put me right in Dixons about computers,i thought the brains of a computer where in the screen and not the tower.

So i decided to go out and buy my first pc.Through error and lack of knowledge i tinkered around with stuff i knew nothing about,that eventually led me here at PCA.These guys helped me repair my issue's.

Now for the last 3 years roughly ive been reading/researching and learning and now like to think im a active member helping where i can and being helped along the way.
Ive progressed to be reasonably knowledgable around pc's now and frequently upgrade pc's and laptops and built my first pc last year,that i might add...is very satisfying.

Its never to late to learn something from computers :-))

  Totally-braindead 21:15 21 May 2007

The simplest way to decide whether something is software or not is to ask if its physical IE can you touch it. If you can touch it its hardware, if you can't physically touch it its software.
The only real way this can still be confusing is if you think of CDs or DVDs as these you can touch them but they contain software so are classed as software.

Thats as clear as mud isn't it? Sorry I was just trying to help, it was the simplest explanation I could think of.

  skidzy 21:20 21 May 2007

Your right TB...as clear as mud my friend Lol.
Im sure Sue has got your message though.:-)))

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