I killed my laptop hard drive is it totalled?

  Aristocatman 19:56 11 Jan 2015

My laptop took a hard knock & the Hard drive is damaged It ran, even got partially into Safe Mode & crashed. It ran easeUS backup restore but could not restore properly crashed with a code. I removed it after trying to format it format had a problem with the boot sector. I have refitted an older drive in my Laptop & installed Win 7 Pro OK so laptop is up & running fine. I tried the removed drive in a caddy but the Laptop couldn't see it. I suppose it is not repairable? pity as it is not even 1 year old. any thoughts?

  Ian in Northampton 20:14 11 Jan 2015

Hard drives are typically not repairable... :-( And even if they were: with the average PC repair place charging £70-80 for a basic fix, and decent hard drives being available for £40, it certainly wouldn't be cost-effective. If you have particularly valuable data on your hard drive, that may be recoverable - but pricing for those services tends to be very high (hundreds...) I think you just waved goodbye to it (and, of course, congratulated yourself on having regularly backed up all the important personal data on it... :-) )

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:21 11 Jan 2015

can you connect it to another machine either directly with a sat cable or out into a caddy.

some of your data may be recoverable

  Ian in Northampton 20:27 11 Jan 2015

Fruit Bat /\0/\ "I tried the removed drive in a caddy but the Laptop couldn't see it." :-)

  Aristocatman 20:41 11 Jan 2015

I forgot to add that I was able to restore my laptop files OK with my Backup Program.

  Aristocatman 20:46 11 Jan 2015

Thanks for replies yes I was able to restore my files & had lost the on disk windows7 premium restore as the backup ignored them but used the Win 7 Pro disk from the 'dead' Desktop PC so I upgraded the OS as well. not all bad!

  robintheumpteenth 20:50 11 Jan 2015

But Format could see it enough to pop up an MBR error.

I'm not saying it's not beyond repair, but there may be another reason it doesn't show when in caddy.

I would make a Mintool Partition Wizard Bootable CD , stick the drive back in the laptop and have a look at it again before giving up.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:22 11 Jan 2015

If it cant be seen in Explore it may be seen in diskmanagement if so there is chance of recovery.

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