I killed my computer

  Babou 17:37 28 Dec 2004

I've been having an ongoing problem with a long hang during boot-up & was looking yet again at the BIOS. I saw it was set to "halt on all errors" so I changed that to "no errors" to see if that helped. Hit F10 to save and exit, and ... nothing. Blank screen.

The motherboard manual said if there was a crash to power down and restart, so (and I'm sure this is the Wrong Thing) as the button on the front of the box didn't work, I turned off the power.

Now it's completely dead, apart from a little blinking LED (which normally shines steadily when the computer's on).

Is it the computer's power supply? Or is it a dead motherboard?

  AragornUK 17:39 28 Dec 2004

First thing I'd try is resetting the BIOS. Open the case and look for a large watch battery. This is the BIOS / CMOS battery. Carefully remove this battery for about 15 seconds, while unplugged. Replace the battery and switch on. The BIOS should be reset to the defaults.

As always, if unsure about opening the case, get someone comfotable with it to do it.

  Babou 17:43 28 Dec 2004

Thank you! I'll try that when I get home. I am quite comfortable about opening the computer. Probably too comfortable for my own good ...

Happy New Year

  Babou 18:04 28 Dec 2004

Why I wondered if the power supply was at fault was that the computer doesn't turn on AT ALL - absolutely no sound or motion except the little blinking light.

  AragornUK 18:18 28 Dec 2004

It IS possible that something else is wrong, but the first thing to try is reverse what you did in the BIOS. If it still won't work after that, then it's time to consider something else.

  Babou 01:09 07 Jan 2005

Well, it's really dead. Apart from the green light that tells you the "soft off" is on, and a couple of sharp beeps when I switch on (I found I could switch off by holding in the power button).

I've solved the problem big-time by getting a new box, and am going to start a new thread for advice on installing my old hard drive alongside the new one.

Thanks everyone!

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