I keep losing Internet connection.

  Rizlo 17:43 30 Mar 2009


I've been with BT for around 18 months now, so i have a BT home hub. Ive never had any problems up-until a month ago.

I have a wireless laptop, and i connect to the Internet through wireless connections. Like a say though, i never had any problems up-until a month ago when all of a sudden, my connection started dropping, and this happens every 15 Min's, or so, roughly.

When my connection drops, the icon on my desktop still shows me as being connected with a good to, very good signal?

Anyway, when i lose connection, I have to switch off the WYLAN, and then switch it back on again, and that sorts the problem out, but it can be very frustrating when playing games as you lose connection to the server etc.

I phoned BT up last week, and they switch the channel from 1 to 11 on the hub. They said, that should sort out the problem, but it hasn't. I am hoping i can sort this problem here before phoning them back.

I cant understand why i am losing connection because nothing as changed since i started losing connection. I,E, i am at the same distance from the home hub as i have always been when connected to the net. Also, i have no knew electrical devices that could be interfering with the signal. Everything is the same as before, but now i lose connection every 15 Min's.

The only thing, i think, i might of done, to cause this problem, is i did a system recovery a while back.

Can anyone guide me to sorting this problem?

Thank you.

  Graham. 18:20 30 Mar 2009

This could be a power setting. Look in Device Manager for the Wireless, and look at the Power settings. It will say something like 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'.

  Rizlo 19:10 30 Mar 2009

I went to device manager, but i couldn't find a wireless option, but there was a network adapter option. I found a power setting which was adjustable with a slide-bar. It was set to minimum, so i set it to maximum. However, the problem still persist because i lost connection again a short while after adjusting the setting (

Anymore ideas, anyone?


  Rizlo 21:08 30 Mar 2009

Is there another page or site where i can get an answer to my problem? I am a computer novice, so me explaining the problem probably makes no sense to you. However, is there check lists, to narrow down the problem.If am losing connection what should i check to solve the problem?

Or can you send me to the appropriate question place. I have tried yahoo answers, but like here no one could help.

  2neat 23:14 30 Mar 2009

I would speak to BT again. After all, this is why you pay premium for your broadband!
You could try using a cable from your laptop direct into router for an evening. If you get no drops then you know the fault is between lappy & router.

  Graham. 23:18 30 Mar 2009

When you say you did a system recovery, do you mean System Restore? If so, you should be able to undo that, depending on your operating system.

  Rizlo 23:46 30 Mar 2009

No, i did a system recovery. This seems to be a question that no one can answer. Maybe it can be a number of things and that is why no one can answer.

I will phone BT again tomorrow, and when this is sorted i will say what the problem was as it is a real pain.

  Graham. 23:52 30 Mar 2009

A system recovery would take you back to factory settings. Did you do it with the laptop recovery facility? Laptop make and model, please.

  Rizlo 23:59 30 Mar 2009

Of the top of my head, my laptop is a rubbish compaq presario v 6000, and it has the partition to do a recovery on d drive.

  Graham. 09:53 31 Mar 2009

Could be the wireless LAN driver is missing from the recovery partition. Try downloading from click here onto a working PC, and loading onto the laptop.

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