I keep losing focus

  Chris the Ancient 15:48 12 Dec 2009

... and not through pre-emptive injudicious partaking of the seasonal intake of appropriate beverages.


Using XP Home.

Every so often, my active window becomes inactive - as though something has stolen the focus.

Things tried so far.

* Turned off PopPeeker which keeps looking at my Hotmail account

* Turned off Mailwasher which keeps checking my POP mail accounts

* Trying to catch whatever might be doing it with Task Manager - with no success

* Run Malwarebytes

* Run Ad-Aware

* Run CCleaner - and its registry checker

* Tearing out hair (not that I have a lot.

Anyone had anything similar or got any ideas?


  Batch 16:03 12 Dec 2009

I may have something similar occurring - as part of the losing focus, the "replacement" active window comes forward (which maybe what you are experiencing and I suppose is what would would think would happen in such circumstances).

I had it with XP Home on my previous desktop PC and with XP Pro on my current desktop. Funnily enough it doesn't happen with my lappie (also XP Pro, with a very similar software install.

I've never been able to tie it down, although sometimes it seems to happen more than others.

  Chris the Ancient 16:08 12 Dec 2009

The down side is that I never get a replacement window!

The active window stays on top, there's no sign of anything else replacing it or under it.

However, it has given the idea that I might restore down the active window to a smaller size and see if I can spot anything.


  sidecar sid 16:14 12 Dec 2009

Had the same problem on my XP machine after updating to AVG9.
Removing it and switching to Avira cured the problem.

  Chris the Ancient 16:18 12 Dec 2009

Intriguing thought.

I would miss AVG. I've used it for years nad I'm used to it. I wouldn't really know where to go with another one at the moment; but I'm bearing it in mind.

I'm puzzled though. The loss of focus will happen when I'm working in something not internet related (Word, Excel or whatever) and wonder why it might do something like that when I'm not using a browser for anything.


  Chris the Ancient 16:29 12 Dec 2009

Went and had an intake of nicotine and thought about AVG.

Came back and the focus on this reduced-size window had gone again with nothing else showing on the screen.

Tomorrow, I have quite a bit of work to do in Access so I'll switch off the router, Revo uninstall AVG and see what happens then.

Keep thinking, folks.


  sidecar sid 16:30 12 Dec 2009

Same here focus would be lost when using Word etc, while not browsing.
Why not try reverting back to AVG 8.5?
Older versions available on the right of the page

click here

  sidecar sid 16:36 12 Dec 2009

A quick browse of the AVG forum reveals a fix for the problem.
click here

  Chris the Ancient 17:16 12 Dec 2009

Thanks for that link. I've downloaded it and I'll see how I go from there.

It'll probably be tomorrow before I get a proper assessment - so I'll come back then.


  Chris the Ancient 10:02 13 Dec 2009

I'm pleased to say that it looks as though that 'temporary fix' from AVG seems to have done the trick.

Many thanks.


  sidecar sid 12:34 13 Dec 2009

Glad it worked.
Hope the hair grows back in time for Xmas.


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