I just want to say......

  JaneAttwood 16:45 15 Feb 2010

Every time i have a problem with my computer I come here and I am able to fix it because everyone is so helpful and nobody treats me like an idiot.

Can't list everyone who has helped me over the years but there have been loads and I don't know what i would have done without you all.

You lot are THE BEST!!!!

Thank you x

  Pineman100 18:51 15 Feb 2010

Jane - well said! I agree completely - this forum has saved me endless headaches... not to mention a huge amount of money!

I hope you subscribe to the magazine. I do, and it's every bit as helpful and instructive as the forum.

  Paddylad 19:08 15 Feb 2010

Hear hear. This is the best forum.

  Sea Urchin 19:21 15 Feb 2010

I'm sure everyone who tries to help solving the many varied problems on the forum will be grateful for your kind comments.

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