i just don't get it with BB or ADSL

  Phil930 16:13 18 May 2003

I live outside Basingstoke, Hampshire in what is a very well developed area, so why is there no ability for me to get BB or ADSL yet my friend that lives on the other side of town can. apparantly you need to live within 5 miles of a telephone interchange, he lives two miles from it and i live three, so wheres the problem.

its annoying the hell out of me. the whole world now seems to turn at a around 1mbps and i'm stuck with 56k.

if anyone from BT or NTL etc reads this please lay some pipe to MY HOUSE AS I WANT ADSL AND I WANT IT NOW. 56K does my HEAD IN!


  _Treb_ 16:24 18 May 2003

Me too and I live in rural Cornwall. A friend of mine lives 150 yards from me and gets BB but I can't. You are probably on a different exchange from your friend. It also is affected by the length of telephone line from your house to the exchange from what I can gather.

  graham√ 16:31 18 May 2003

You need to be within 5.5km from your exchange, don't know what that is in old money! That is the line distance, not actual distance. Have you put your number in the BT site? click here

  3Toed 16:37 18 May 2003

There must be thousands of people in our position,it is so frustrating.There is what is called a'trigger'number that has to be acheived before it becomes apparently 'viable',to go ahead and upgrade the exchange.Hours must be lost trawling the web pages on standard lines.It seems to me to be a discrimation,particularly for the younger generation wishing to gain an advantage for there education.Ok,its a fair task to upgrade,but i think people should at least be given a date.
Good luck anyway for your area(as well as mine!)

  3Toed 16:42 18 May 2003

Thats 'DISCRIMINATION' by the way-personal spell checkers eh?

  Installer. 16:42 18 May 2003

Even if your line length is less than 5.5km, there is no guarantee that you can get adsl.

My two landlines are both under 5.5km ( 5.1 and 5.19) but both failed on noise levels.

Next month reportedly BT may be extending the range by 500 metres, this may help with borderline failures.

  OneSirKnight 16:44 18 May 2003
  huzzar 17:18 18 May 2003

click here

check this link to see if you're on BB or about to get it.

  hssutton 17:37 18 May 2003

I guess I will have to move house and area to get broadband. This what I get from huzzar's link.

"It is unlikely there will be enough demand to cover the cost of upgrading your exchange, but we will continue to monitor the number of people registering their interest in broadband ADSL in this area".

  The Spires 17:53 18 May 2003

You can see how many people have registered click here A placard march through the town centre on market day may drum up sufficiant support & registrations, a village near me set a website up & did a leaflet campaign & will go BB in early June.

  [email protected] 18:12 18 May 2003

go satellite combi eg: click here or BT home user if the likelihood is that you will never have your exchange upgraded. It is a numbers game some areas 200+ others 400 minimum.
depends if your face fits I often think

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