I hope

  Forum Editor 16:30 25 Jul 2003

that you're all entering the Hostway competition?

We're delighted to have them as sponsors of the WebDesign forum, and by entering the competition you'll be helping them with information about what you want from a web host....and stand a chance of winning a superb prize into the bargain.

I'll be asking questions at the end of class, so go on, click that competition link.

  bowman 18:37 25 Jul 2003

Been there done that....

If I don't win the main prize can I have the T-shirt.........lol

Only to glad to be of assistance.

  Forum Editor 18:50 25 Jul 2003

there's a gold star on your membership chart for that.

  Lionheart? 19:44 25 Jul 2003

Already entered :)

  Forum Editor 00:06 26 Jul 2003

Gold star.

  powerless 05:44 26 Jul 2003

I've never won a competion before, well apart from an easter egg.


About 10 people put about a fiver (£5) and add it all up and you could get the DVD player that was brought with all the fivers...

So there we all were...The winning ticket was picked out...

I was "T67"...

The tension builds...

The winner is "T44"...

Great for him you would think, but he ended up getting punched in the face, literally.

So FE as long as you can promise me that i wont get punched in the face I'll enter the competition.

  Forum Editor 06:50 26 Jul 2003

Anyone threatens to punch you in the face - tell them to see me.

Now click that link.

  timber 11:09 26 Jul 2003

waiting on the DVD to arrive??????


  Forum Editor 12:08 26 Jul 2003

Gold star

  anchor 12:44 26 Jul 2003

Just done it.

The only thing I have ever won was a copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales at Sunday School. That was an awfully long time ago. Perhaps I will lucky this time.

Keep your fingers crossed for me FE.

  Taran 15:08 26 Jul 2003

I entered it, but knowing my luck (I couldn't win an argument) I don't hold out much hope for winning.

Still, you've got to be in it to win it...

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