I hit 'undo' and lost my files

  EllenWatts 15:26 19 Apr 2015

Hi, I'm very new at this and I've tried all I'm aware I can, so I just wanted to ask for some help at all please?

Right. Basically I needed to create some room on my camera, so I moved the files across to my laptop and, after a successful transfer, I deleted them from the camera (stupid move in hindsight). I then selected all of the files on the laptop, with the intention to move them to their own folder - however I then occidentally pressed 'ctrl+z' rather than 'ctrl-c'

This was a couple of days ago since I went camping and I had no way of continuing my search whilst there. I have searched my recycle bin, done a manual sweep of my folders and downloaded a file recovery software programme, but I still can't find the videos.

Ordinarily I wouldn't mind too much however some of the videos were of extreme sentimental value to myself and my family. If anyone could please help me I would be eternally grateful!

  johndrew 15:45 19 Apr 2015

You may be able to reverse the action by using Control-Y but I know of no other way of reversing the action.

It may be the video on your camera card could be restored but again it is beyond my knowledge as to how this may be achieved.

As a final resort have you looked in the Recycle Bin in case the video is there?

  EllenWatts 16:17 19 Apr 2015

Hi johndrew, I have already tried what you suggested to no avail. Thank you for the advice though

  EllenWatts 16:17 19 Apr 2015

Hi johndrew, I have already tried what you suggested to no avail. Thank you for the advice though

  rdave13 16:41 19 Apr 2015

Find out how your camera labels, or names, videos . In file explorer click on the C:\ drive on your PC, type the format name in the search bar to see what it finds. Leave out the number of the file. Don't use cameras that much but the search might bring up some info. For example my camera shows P10103JPG for photos and P10103.MOV for videos. Just search for your particular "P10103".. whatever the name is for your camera's format.

Worth a try.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 19 Apr 2015

try campic restore to recover them from your card

or Recuva

  rdave13 16:56 19 Apr 2015

I'll try again. The format name for my Panasonic video of jpegs and videos is headed by P10103. I put asterisks behind it to signify the photo number or video number but it came out wrong in this site's format. Hopefully you'll know what I mean.

  bumpkin 20:42 19 Apr 2015

"Campic" as FruitBats suggestion worked very well for me even after I had formatted the drive, be aware that it is a slow process, just let it run, overnight if required. It shows on my PC progs as "Digital Image Recovery" not campic but is the same thing.

  EllenWatts 20:49 20 Apr 2015

thank you so much! I managed to find my files by doing a data/image recovery on my camera! The files are a little corrupt, but I can try and fix that :)

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