I hear 2 bleeps from pc tower

  Beverley Anne 19:51 29 Aug 2003


I hope someone can help me please?

I have a win98se pc with a chaintech CT-6WIV Motherboard. the last couple of days every so often I hear 2 bleeps and then everthing freezes on the desktop.

I had a look in the manual to see if I could find anything but I couldn't.

I did have the kazaa-lite software installed I have now uninstalled it now and also I have recently upgraded my telewest broadband up to the 2MB package.

I was wondering if have the kazaa software would cause me to have this trouble.

any help would be grateful recieved.



  bremner 19:57 29 Aug 2003

This mobo has an award BIOS this site click here does not list two beeps but says any non listed beep pattern is likely to be a memory problem. Likewise this site click here

  Beverley Anne 20:31 29 Aug 2003

Thanks for the reply bremner.

I have just had a look at my system properties and it says memory 255.0 MB ram system resources 48% free I don't think I have ever had it go that low before.

Has anyone got any ideas free some the resources that I have on my pc.

I forgot to metion in my last mesage that when I tried to copy some text from a web page into notepad I kept getting a message about mot enough memory also I have reformatted my HD.

This is a list of software that I have installed


I was told by the blueyonder support people that my pc would handle the 2MB upgrade.

Would me replacing the memory solve these problems you think?


  keith-236785 21:32 29 Aug 2003

This could be caused by a virus or trojan,

try downloading and running ATShield from click here, its a 30 day free trial to check for trojans. also run a virus check with your Norton anti-virus checker.

Atshield will not remove any trojans, but it will let you know if you have any, Kazaa is well known for virus's and trojans and could well be the culprit.

this is worth a try before you start spending any money, if you need more help then you know where to come.

good luck

  Beverley Anne 22:54 29 Aug 2003

Hello paperman27

Thanks for letting me know atbout the ATShield software I downloaded and ran it and i found I did have trojans on my D DRIVE

I brought a copy via the web site and I deleted them I ran my AV software everything is ok there. I always thought my AV would sniff out trojans and delete my never realised you need a different piece of software.

Do you think this is what cause my problem?


  terminus 23:25 29 Aug 2003

Have a look at this site Beverley Anne. It says 2 bleeps are memory problems?
click here

  Beverley Anne 10:33 30 Aug 2003

Hi Again

I got in touch with Evesham this morning and explain what was the problem about the 2 bleeps to the fella and he says it maybe the motherboard or the CPU starting to fail on me.

I haven't got the room to another tower so replacing the one that's faulty is my only option

It.s a chaintech CT-6WIV Motherboard
In the manual it gives the size Micro-ATX form factor, 244mm x 210mm, 4 Layers.
Six mounting holes

I haven't a clue what to go for to use in this tower so if could anyone please give me any advise on which motherboard to buy? Also which power supply to go for.

I know that I will have to replace the memory, processor etc But one step at a time! Motherboard and PS first.

I can always come back for more help right!!

Anyway I have be thinking about replacing the MB for sometime now that I have few USB 2 items.


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