I have yet another question.

  Bodice 00:25 05 Jan 2004

My friend is running win98, but she is having so much trouble with it.
One minute it works the next it dont i.e she was clicking on the E (explorer) for two days and could not access the internet and when I visited her I clicked it the once and it worked, another thing is it keeps reloading a program over and over again even though your not clicking on it. Also is there any helpful websites she can go to get any software for the 98 version.

  Forum Editor 00:42 05 Jan 2004

clicked on the Explorer icon for two days, did it open Explorer, but fail to dial up, or did nothing happen at all?

Which program is reloaded over and over again?

I'm not sure what you mean by a site that has software for Windows 98, what type of software does your friend need? Amazon sell plenty, and she can buy it online from
click here

  THE TERMINATOR 01:45 05 Jan 2004

Has your friend ever done maintenance on her system? a fragmented drive can cause havock, too many temporary internet files can cause problems try deleting them. Has she ever scanned the drive for errors or a virus? This could also be the reason for the programs launching over & over.

  Bodice 01:46 05 Jan 2004

Firstly thank for your reply,
when she tried to open E nothing at all happened and there was no specific program that keeps reloading it anyone that the pc chooses to get stuck on.

  Bodice 01:50 05 Jan 2004

Im not sure if she has performed any of these function, I do know that she has been given the pc and that the person who had it first deleted a lot of software as when i looked in the programs she has win 98 but nothing like word or anything of that kind which i would of thought came with the 98 disc that by the way she does not have.....

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