i have usb 2.0 ports but no service pack installed

  cheerup347 17:43 14 Jan 2006


i have a new computer.

i installed my version of xp on my comuter with no service packs.

the computyer has usb 2.0 pots but i need the drivers for it in service pack 2 i think?

where can i get the drivers for it?

i dont want to have to install loads and laods of stuff to jsut get my usb 2.0 working.

a quick reply would be very useful


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:47 14 Jan 2006

It is just as important to install service pack two for the security as for the extra USB drivers.

If you do not keep you Operating system patched with the latest updates then you are open to all sorts of Malware and virues.

  €dstowe 17:48 14 Jan 2006

For all sorts of reasons you should install SP2 - not least because of security issues.

Don't delay - do it now.

  cheerup347 17:51 14 Jan 2006

where do ig et it from?

does my operating system have to be registered?

ive lost my original discs (i think)

i cant remember registering it


  De Marcus™ 17:57 14 Jan 2006

Windows update or a friend who has a service pack 2 disk that accompanied many a magazine many moons ago.

  cheerup347 17:59 14 Jan 2006

can i download service pack 2 froma website other than the microsoft one?

do you have to register anything?

i cant find anything to do with my windows xp (strange???)


  Stuartli 18:05 14 Jan 2006

Your USB2.0 ports should work with the existing XP drivers.

You can check in Device Manager>USB Controllers. Look for the words Enhanced Host Controller or similar.

  De Marcus™ 18:05 14 Jan 2006

Why on earth would you want to download from another website?

How have you come to lose anything to do with your cd, you do say it's a new pc which you've installed your copy on?

With regard to registering, basically you have to pass a windows genuine advantage test to see if your copy of xp is legitimate, which, judging by your responses imo isn't.

  mgmcc 18:18 14 Jan 2006

<<< can i download service pack 2 froma website other than the microsoft one? >>>

You don't need to get SP2 via "Windows Update", you can download the same file as is on the CD that was given out from click here

There is no registration involved to download the file (266 Megabytes). However, it will not install in a copy of XP that has a Product Key which has been "blacklisted" by Microsoft.

  cheerup347 18:50 14 Jan 2006


my copy of windows is legal.

i just dont know much about all the keys n registering stuff.

so, thaks for al the help, ut some people are assuming stuff theyr snt nkow about.

so thanks

but no more posts are needed.

  De Marcus™ 18:52 14 Jan 2006

Assuming the obvious about 'stuff' I know enough about.

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