I have turned off UAC with gadget ,but it asks.

  prince midas 17:43 09 Jan 2009

Following help from members in the past I turned off the display side of UAC but it still asks,Why?It is a pain in Vista.

  skidzy 17:49 09 Jan 2009

Forget UAC and install Norton Labs click here a lot better all round.

  prince midas 17:51 09 Jan 2009

Thanks will try Norton Solution.

  MAJ 17:58 09 Jan 2009

Not sure why you used a Gadget to turn UAC off. The option to turn it off is in Msconfig > Tools tab. It requires a restart.

  prince midas 18:13 09 Jan 2009

MAJ I used a similar program to Norton Previously and in the meantime I have forgotten where I downloaded it from.

It gave you a choice of 3 things to do when you clicked it.
But just recently I kept getting a Security alert to tell me to turn back on UAC. This Norton program as at the moment stopped it asking me.Only time will tell,thanks everyone.

  prince midas 18:22 09 Jan 2009

Sorry it is back again.
I am the sole user on this PC.
It is a little message in the bottom Right corner of my System Tray.
It says Windows Security Alert.
When I click on it it says
Firwall On
Auto Update On
Malware Protection On
Other Security Setting Check Settings
Internet Security Setting OK

User Account Control Turned OFF

  MAJ 19:05 09 Jan 2009

Go to Control Panel > Security Centre > Change the way Security Centre Alerts Me, then click the "Don't notify me and don't display the icon" option.

  skidzy 19:10 09 Jan 2009

There is no need for all this if you are using Norton labs UAC controller.

Just turn on UAC
Install Norton Labs

Norton Labs takes over.....no more UAC or warnings or prompts.

  prince midas 09:57 10 Jan 2009

Skidzy I have already installed Norton UAC.
When I startup the Laptop this morning or any startup a message comes up still saying you need to turn on UAC in the security centre.When I right click on it ,I am given the option to exit in which case it goes off but still returns each time I restart which I can now live with.

  cocteau48 10:00 10 Jan 2009

Have not tried the Norton tool but this works for me:click here

  prince midas 12:01 10 Jan 2009

That is the program I previously used beforre switching to Norton UAC

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