I Have A Super Virus/Spyware/Trojan PROBLEM!

  Mad Boy 14:54 24 Feb 2003

Its like this (i think its a virus)

#upon boot up i get a beep thus pc wont load up unless i press a key or it loads automatically in 1 min.

#System File Checker (sfc) wont even attemp to scan my files on either :C or :D

#Mcafee Virus scan actually scans my files and folders but totally freezes within around 3 minutes.

#The Cleaner by click here scans also for not viruses but trojans and crashes the system around 96%

#Adaware scans my system for spyware, gives me the option to remove it, but it freezes when i press delete!

Basically any piece of software isnt functioning right.
Occasionally i get the error when trying to scan for this mentioning about the *.VXD which i recently had problems with which eventually stopped (so i thought)Oh as usual the screen is the blue screen of death!

I cant even begin to imagine what is going on inside my system right now,how i can fix it or do anything.I actually think its now time for a format for the first time ever (since i bought the pc in 1999!!)

Basically put in English, have I got a super Virus in my system!?

Any Help whatsoever will be much grateful and helpful. IS SOMETHING LIVING IN MY PC!?

My OS & Stuff is as follows:

Windows 98SE, 128.0MB Ram, Intel Celeron 533Mhz Processor, 12GB HDD, Onboard Graphics, 56K Modem.


  Lozzy 15:04 24 Feb 2003

try going on to Symantic.com and running there Virus scan click here

  jazzypop 15:09 24 Feb 2003

Errrm... it could be a virus, but it could also be a number of other causes, including corrupted system files.

1. Do you get a message at bootup? What does it say?

2. Was your McAfee up to date?

3. Can you boot to Safe Mode and run SFC from there?

4. What was the full name of the vxd that was giving you problems?

5. Try an online virus checker such as click here

6. A format and reinstall probably is the quickest method of getting you up and running again

  powerless 15:14 24 Feb 2003

Oh my

(if its not a virus)

I'm guessing your using Windows 98...

When the computer starts up, keep tapping the F8 key.

You now be given a options Menu. Select option 3 which is Safe mode.

You will now be in safe mode, it will look strange and be very basic. Some programs may not run. You will not be able to connect to the internet.

Go to the run command in the start menu and type in "SCANDISK" (without the quotes) then click "ok".

Choose "Thorough" and then start the scan...

May take a little while but let it complete.

Once its finished...

Go back to that run command and type in "DEFRAG" (without the quotes). Click "ok"...This will also take some time.

Now run the cleaner and adaware and mcafee.

You can also try SFC.

Do all of this safe mode.

Hopefully that will do it ;-)

Or just go for the format 4 years of stuff on that drive, go on let it have a new life with a format and fresh installs... :-)

  Mad Boy 15:17 24 Feb 2003

first of all i a few weeks back i tried a trial of Norton Ghost as someone from this forum suggested using it as a good backup tool. I never used it and un-installed it (so i thought) So when i boot up i get message something near enough to this:


that command is not accurate, but itried following that command to see if something was there, but there wasnt. I tried Msconfig thinking it could of being something starting up, which there wasnt (what i could see anyway)

I cant remember the name of the *.VXD name so ill wait and scan again later


Mcafee was updated around 1.5 months ago, So it pretty upto date.

I have never even booted up in safe mode before (however you do that)

  jazzypop 15:32 24 Feb 2003

Powerless has outlined how to get to safe mode.

To uninstall Ghost 2002 - click here

To uninstall Ghost 2003 - click here

Follow these instructions first - it is quite likely that the Ghost partial install / uninstall is causing the problem.

Once you have stepped through the procedure above, go to Start > Run, type

sfc /scanow

and press Enter. You will need the W98 disk in the drive. This should restore any over-written or corrupted system files with the originals from the CD

  powerless 15:35 24 Feb 2003

Ah Win 98SE didnt see that :-(

  Mad Boy 16:50 24 Feb 2003

A fatal exception OE has occured at 0028:C169B4C1 in VXD mscan32 (01)+00009D2A1

  Mad Boy 16:54 24 Feb 2003

No such luck, by the way my PC froze whilst using an online scanner from symantec.

It took me ages to get back on!

P.S the folder for Norton Ghost no longer exists on my system (regarding the link from Jazzy Pop)

Ill have a long hard look in the registry ( i did before but found nothing regarding Norton or Symantec - and i use Norton firewall! )

  jazzypop 16:55 24 Feb 2003

mscan could be a scanner program or McAfee - try uninstalling / disabling either.

See click here and click here

  accord 17:03 24 Feb 2003

i think mscan32 is for mcafee anti virus.

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