i have some how got on to website windows

  nutty norm 21:03 24 Aug 2008

i have some how got on to the windows reminder website, and have managed to stop it reminding me that this version i have is not genuine, and need to buy a licence, is there any way i can get rid of this licence reminder permantly, it seems its only going to last 30 days, a then i have got to start all over again, i am running windows XP2 Professional, nutty norm, any easy solution would be graitful

  tullie 21:17 24 Aug 2008

If its a genuine disc,i assume you ring microsoft,others may have other solutions.

  DieSse 01:02 25 Aug 2008

If it's not a genuine copy, then the solution is to buy a genuine copy.

  Forum Editor 01:08 25 Aug 2008

then you won't see the reminder.

  nutty norm 10:52 26 Aug 2008

I Think this friend who built this computer must have put on a non genuine XPCopy,i am stuck with it i dont want to buy a new licence because i am thinking of changing it soon so will someone tell me how to get rid of the reminders,nuttynorm.

  crosstrainer 11:01 26 Aug 2008

You can't. Every thirty day's you will lose Windows functionality.

In common with the rest of us, and as advised by the FE. Buy a licence.

  iscanut 11:09 26 Aug 2008

The reminders will go away when you uninstall windows and buy a legit copy.

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