I have searched the forum for an Add Hock network

  User-324448 17:20 15 Nov 2006

Hi, I am trying to help another old pal out with his computer, he wants to access his printer and Desk top folders from his Laptop wirelesly, To this end he has bought a Belkin G802.11g Wireless G Network adaptor and installed it the Desk top. A Tiny running Windows 98SE. His Dell Laptop is said to be wireless enabled whatever that means, its the Inspiron 6000. to be honest I can see no way it will work without perhaps buying other equipment for the desk top.Oh he does not have Broad Band either. Thanks for reading this I do hope you can help again. Prof.

  mgmcc 23:09 15 Nov 2006

Yes, you can connect the two computers directly in an "Ad Hoc" wireless network without requiring any additional hardware. In the TCP/IP settings of each adapter you will need to allocate a fixed IP address - use with Subnet Mask in the first PC and with the *SAME* Subnet Mask of in the second PC.

In the configuration of the Wireless Adapters, give them the *same* SSID (network name which you make up) and set them to work in "Ad Hoc" mode (which may be called "peer-to-peer" mode). The adapters should both find the "Ad Hoc" network and allow file & printer sharing.

  Strawballs 00:39 16 Nov 2006
  User-324448 09:27 16 Nov 2006

Well thanks you have both answered my question but it takes some understanding with my tired old brain, But we will give it a go.Thanks again. Prof

  mgmcc 13:30 16 Nov 2006

Once you try to get it working, come back for further help. Windows 98SE and XP are quite different and Strawballs' link will give you the XP side, but you might become unstuck with 98SE.

  User-324448 15:16 16 Nov 2006

MGMCC Thanks I will be back but it may be a while as I am sorting out my own new computer and my old pal lives 20 miles away.Prof

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