I have RSI...

  Graham. 22:52 28 Jun 2009

I have repetetive strain injury in my right hand. This manifests itself as a painful swelling over my index finger knuckle, apparently from using a mouse.

I am now using my left hand for the past few days in the hope it will get better. Be careful out there.

  birdface 23:08 28 Jun 2009

[Apparently from using a mouse.]Sounds like you are not sure if it was that that caused the problems or not.

  RobCharles1981 23:27 28 Jun 2009

Probably waving your hand around like a windmill causes that what Paul O Grady says to the Floor Manager Alan "Windymiller" Conley!

  Stuartli 23:47 28 Jun 2009

Some people seem to be unlucky and suffer from RSI.

Yet I've been a touch typist for 56 years, starting on Smith Corona and similar typewriters (seemingly produced in the late 19th century!), computer keyboards (too flat for comfort) and been using a mouse for around 15 years and never suffered in any way from strain.

During those years I've certainly typed literally millions of words and, hopefully, have many thousands more to go...:-)

Rest is probably the best cure, perhaps using voice recognition software for a while to help avoid using a mouse?

  Belatucadrus 00:11 29 Jun 2009

Try using a mouse mat with a decent gel wrist rest, don't buy a cheap one with a foam filling, they compact and after a few days hard use are pretty near useless.

  Forum Editor 00:46 29 Jun 2009

use a mouse more than I do. I've been using them on a daily basis for many years, and so far I've had no real problems.

Some years ago there was a period during which I experienced a tingling in my right hand - rather like mild pins and needles - after several hours work, but I changed the mouse I was using and that solved the problem. Since then I've used a Microsoft Comfort Optical mouse 3000 exclusively, and all has been well. I got worried that Microsoft would stop producing them, so I bought four. So far I've worn one out, and am currently well into the life-span of the second.

Try changing your mouse, but hold various different types before choosing - you want one that comfortably fills your hand. Too small, or too big and you'll have problems.

  OTT_Buzzard 01:15 29 Jun 2009

I had a wrist RSI problem a few years back which coincided with an Occ Health VDU assessment at the company I was working at at the time.

After about 30 seconds they corrected my posture and desk layout, then after really only a few days the RSI had gone.

  mrwoowoo 01:24 29 Jun 2009

Although right handed,i started using my left hand
for mouse control as i prefered the direction arrows as opposed to the usual WASD buttons whilst gaming.
Now i permanently use the mouse with my left hand as it now feels very awkward with my right.
So Graham,if you have to use your left hand for an extended period of time you will soon get used to it.

  Stuartli 10:10 29 Jun 2009

Just one point I forgot - I use my mouse on six or seven stacked mouse mats, as I find this levels my forearm position and avoids my hand having to point downwards to handle the mouse.

  Toneman 10:17 29 Jun 2009

Had trouble with a painful thumb joint in my "mouse" hand... doctor diagnosed arthritis.... old age...

  Graham. 10:31 29 Jun 2009

Microsoft Comfort - very affordable click here.

More expensive is this one click here?

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