I have recently bought a Ge Force 6 6600LE

  Sonic21 11:53 27 May 2006

The problem i am having is the pachaged game that came with it called "The Chronicals of Riddick - Butchers day" won't run and as its packaged with the graphics card i am assuming something is wrong.

The error that is displayed reads "This application required graphics driver support for OpenGL 1.3 or Higher.

The steps I have taken already.

- Un installed the drivers and reinstalled them.

- Checked to make sure they were Nvidia drivers installed not Microsoft.

- Downloaded the most up to date drivers for the card.

- Looked up OpenGL 1.3 on the net there does not seem to be any sort of download and sounds like it is built into the graphics card.

- I have just uninstalled the game and reinstalled it still the same problem.

I would be gratful to anyone that can shed some light on my problem.


  mattyc_92 11:56 27 May 2006

I had this problem as well

I downloaded the patch for the game, which sorted it out... I will post back with the link

  mattyc_92 11:57 27 May 2006
  Sonic21 11:57 27 May 2006

Hi yes thanks i though of that just after posting that can be the only thing left to do i am downloading it now will keep you posted


  mattyc_92 16:03 27 May 2006

Any luck?

  Sonic21 22:00 27 May 2006

yep sorted thanks

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