I have a problem with my front USB ports.

  Triprajul 19:40 11 Mar 2011


I use external portable drives with my computer. All my external portable drives are USB powered. One is 500 GB and one is 750 GB. Both are plugged into the back of my computer and they work quite well. I have a third one which is a TB. Unfortunately, I have discovered that that I can’t run the one TB portable drive from either of the USB ports on the front of my desktop computer. If I try, the drive is recognized but then very quickly unrecognized (i.e., stops working). I have been told that this is not unusual. I have been told that the most of the power in a computer are in the back USB ports and the front USB port are underpowered but is this actually true? I have wireless Internet so the Internet plug-in at the back of my computer isn’t used. With some type of plug adaptor, could I use this Internet cable port to power my external portable drive? Finally, is it feasible to look for some type of splicer/splitter that would go into one rear USB portable and then allow me to run two external portable drives from it? Any suggestions or advice about dealing with this situation would be greatly appreciated.

  Nontek 19:51 11 Mar 2011

Get a powered usb hub and connect it to one of your rear USB ports.

click here

  CFC23 20:34 11 Mar 2011

Totally agree with Nontek,I did this years ago and it has been a great success.
USB ports have a mind of their own, one of my front ports now refuses to work with my camera despite having worked with the camera for months.
This port will work with some memory sticks but not others,it previously worked with all of them.
A search on line shows that this is not that unusual and is very hard to put right.

Just get a powered hub!

  Triprajul 21:17 11 Mar 2011


As always, thank you for the great advice. Before I click the "Resolved" button, I have a final question on this topic. You mean the USB Hub has a separate power supply and it also plugs into a USB port? Just curious. BTW, I will be buying a powered USB Hub as soon as I get to a shop that sells them. Again, thank you very much for the great advice. It is greatly appreciated.

  Nontek 22:04 11 Mar 2011

Yes, the powered hub has its own external power supply.

  finerty 23:04 11 Mar 2011

I accidentally dropped my desktop and my front usb ports stopped working,l i brought usb hub from maplin and plugged into the usb ports at the back and i now have four usb's at the front

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