i have problem with MBSSM32, i cant get rid of it

  Me&U22 17:40 28 Apr 2007

Hi all,
this is my first time in here, since mondy my PC has infected with the varios called mbssm32.i've tried in many way's to get rid of it but i couldn't, and my PC run very slower also in task bar is show always mbssm32 in it. and when i try to end the tsk it never go's. because my PC windows is 98 which is Pervx 1 did not help to protect my PC. i believe is because pevx1 is only for windows above 98!? "hope not" i really really need you're help, with out you help this pethatic varios which is called MBSSM32 nevr get out of my PC. so please help me if u can?.
this morning i received a pop up it say acount mangement bill it show fee of £39.00 i don't what is this bill for?.
you help would be appreciated

Thanks, Sam

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 28 Apr 2007
  Me&U22 17:59 28 Apr 2007

Dear Fruit Bat,

thank you very much for you replay, at the moment i'm working i'll go home tonight and i do this process that you informed me!.

Do you thing the link could protect windows 98 or only for windows 2000, XP?
Thank You in advance!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:06 28 Apr 2007

fhiufhyrefyer has a method of removal on this thread click here

  Me&U22 18:22 28 Apr 2007

Hi Fruit Bat again,

i've been reading all the posts from fhiufhyrefyer yesterday. i try to download ewido but like i siad before my windows is 98 it wouldn't accept it. and another problem i had is that when i click on internet to open the broswer is taking 10 mins to open it, it's really annoying me!!.

i downloaded anti spyware this afternoon it took an hour to to complete. finally i did quick search it bring 70 infection sch as hijak,sexx,mbssm32 etc. i cant remeber all of them. if my computer be like that i'm going through it away. my computer it used to be very fast. but it has changed since last week!!h

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